09.07.2021 Newcastle City Council Minutes

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Mayor Pam Gualtieri called this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Those present were Mayor Gualtieri; Council members Daren Downs, Michael Alexander, Ann McColley, Lance Miles, Don Steveson and Tyrel Owens. Also present were Department Heads City Police Chief Sam Keller, City Engineer Mike Moore, City Clerk/Treasurer Greg James and City Attorney Mark Hughes.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Ann McColley moved, seconded Daren Downs to approve the agenda as amended, removing the bid opening for dispatch equipment, bid opening will be September 20, not tonight and adding comments regarding the Freedom Festival at Dow Park on September 11, 2021. Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Don Steveson moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of Monday August 16, 2021 and the Executive Session of Monday August 16, 2021 as presented.
Motion carried. 


Martha Bickford and Tasha Townsend for the Madness on Main event.

Don and Lois Thorson for the flowers and care at the head of Main Street.

Ann Hansen for the decorative coal cars.

Flowering Fingers Garden Club for planters and trees at the Fairgrounds, trees at Centennial Park, and the Dow Park planter upkeep.

Dirt Daubers Garden Club for the coal cars and flowers at the 4-Way intersection, maintenance and upkeep of the planter at Dow Park and beautification at the Post Office and the schools.

Marsha Halliday for the beautification at Girl Scout Park, First State Bank and Toco Loco.



After a review of Maverik’s request to install alcoholic chiller machines in the Newcastle store, Don Steveson moved, seconded Ann McColley to deny the request. Motion carried.

Summit Plumbing requested an apprentice plumbing license for Elloy Martinez. All fees have been paid and proof of State license, and bond and insurance have been provided.  Michael Alexander moved, seconded Don Steveson to approve this request. Motion carried.



City Engineer Mike Moore reported on on-going projects. Suzanne Voss is resigning from the Planning Commission, work on the drainage on Birch Street is being planned to put culverts in to cover the open ditch, pump station upgrades are being worked on, Sage Street improvements are being considered, water line replacements on 6th and 7th Avenues are being planned and the Highway 16 path concept is being worked on. Mr. Moore requested hiring Holden Schultz as a full time employee, starting wage $13.75 per hour with a one year probation effective Monday September 13, 2021. Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Don Steveson to approve this request. Motion carried.

City Police Chief Sam Keller reported on calls for service YTD 3772, 301 for August and 94 in September so far.

City Clerk/Treasurer Greg James had
no report.

City Attorney Mark Hughes/Dublin Hughes: Mr. Mark Hughes was present and introduced himself and gave information on his background.



EXECUTIVE SESSION: reference contracts.  Ann McColley moved, seconded Michael Alexander to suspend the rules and go into Executive Session reference contracts at 7:34 p.m. Motion carried. Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Daren Downs to return to regular session at 8:39 p.m. Motion carried. Ann McColley moved, seconded Michael Alexander to approve the amount of Three Thousand-Five Hundred Dollars ($3500.00) per month as retainer for Hughes Law Office, beginning September 1, 2021 to represent Newcastle as their attorney. Motion carried. Michael Alexander moved, seconded Ann McColley to approve the lease rate of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) per month for locating Wyolink facilities on City property near the south water tank.  Motion carried.

CLAIMS AGAINST THE CITY: Don Steveson moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to pay the claims against the City dated Tuesday September 7, 2021. Motion carried. Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Ann McColley to adjourn this meeting of the Newcastle City Council at 8:42 p.m.  Meeting adjourned.


Claims: Alpha Communications, tower rent, $95.00; Ameri-Tech Equipment Co., brooms, $2575.10; American Business Software, web maintenance, $49.00; American Engineering Testing, landfill testing, $9372.65; BCN Telecom, Inc., long distance service, $192.36; Bearlodge Engineering & Surveying, survey work, $1700.00; Black Hills Energy, electric service, $26,137.30; Bobcat of Gillette, parts, $582.77; Bomgaars Supply, supplies/materials, $927.84; Butler Machinery Co., parts, $1203.42; Cambria Supply, supplies/materials, $503.96; Campbell County EMS, Sept. 2021 ambulance service, $8333.33; Century Link, E-911 data service, $1000.86; City of Newcastle, WA/SW/GA service/increase cash at landfill, $1088.98; Communications Technologies, Inc., siren repair, $700.00; Contractor’s Supply, Inc., culverts/pvc couplings, $19,602.71; R. Douglas Dumbrill, Sept. 2021 municipal judge, $1078.40; Edge Construction Supply, sign posts & parts, $4038.53; Energy Laboratories, Inc., sample testing, $386.00; Engineering Associates, pump station design, $822.72; Farnsworth Services Co., Inc., portable sanitation/drainage work, $2932.50; Fisher Sand & Gravel, crushed rock, $4599.75; FOCUS, Family Violence Center, 1st quarter payment, $1250.00; Gateway Travel Center, fuel purchases, $3949.23; Grimm’s Pump & Industrial, pressure washer repair, $337.55; Hansen Equipment, chain saw parts, $229.25; Jerry Hansen, water deposit refund, $100.00; Hometown Medical Clinic, PD medical, $365.00; Hughes Law Office, professional services, $1770.40; Kregel Towing & Recovery, FD towing, $491.00; Newcastle Area Chamber of Commerce, 1st quarter payment, $3250.00; Newcastle Police Dept., reimburse petty cash, $5.70; Newcastle Recreation Board, 1st quarter payment, $9575.00; Newcastle Volunteer Fire Dept., reimburse supplies, $3262.62; News Letter Journal, legals/office supplies, $1038.50; Northern Technologies, Inc., soil samples/biosolids testing, $3329.54; Northwest Pipe Fittings, Inc., fittings/parts, $11,235.94; Overhead Door of Rapid City, shop door repair, $1014.86; Petty cash, postage/title transfers, $110.00; Pollardwater.COM-East, pvc pipe parts, $2118.11; Postmaster, utility mailing permit, $1500.00; Powder River Energy Corp., electric service, $1076.01; Range, phone service, $870.39; Ricks Electric, pump control wire, $2458.32; Genell Rothleutner, PD cleaning, $200.00; Sacrison Asphalt, limestone, $1281.00; Salt Creek Water District, sewer service, $555.00; Sign Boss, site survey, $200.00; Bryand Streeter, Sept. 2021 airport wages, $1333.33; Sundance Extinguisher, extinguisher inspect, landfill, $14.00; Lucky Teigen-Grummons, fire hall cleaning, $300.00; Teledyne Instruments, Inc., flow meter, $14, 381.56; Titan Machinery, parts, $324.00; Top Office Products, Inc., copy charge, $75.77; Verizon, cell phones, $728.32; Becky Vodopich, city office cleaning, $300.00; Voelker’s Autobody/Glass, vehicle repair, $105.00; W&S Construction, replace landfill windows, $564.00; Weston County Children’s Center, 1st quarter payment, $2250.00; Weston County Health Services, DOT test, $40.00; Weston County Road & Bridge, fuel purchases, $285.23; Weston County Treasurer, youth services/tax handling/heat & lights, $2602.26; Weston County Senior Services, 1st quarter payment, $7500.00; Woody’s Food Center, housekeeping supplies, $28.70; WYDOT-Financial Services, historical signs, $601.72; Wyoming First Aid & Safety, first aid supplies, $129.00; Wyoming Home Services, 1st quarter payment, $1500.00; Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy, dispatch training, $550.00; Wyoming Secretary of State, notary fee, $30.00. 


Pam Gualtieri, Mayor

ATTEST: City Clerk/Treasurer, Greg James


(Publish September 16, 2021)


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