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As required by guidelines for the Wyoming State Environmental Review Process, the Wyoming Department of Environment Quality (DEQ) has performed an environmental review on the proposed State Revolving Fund (SRF) supported action below: 

Project: Water Improvements 2019 Boyd Avenue 

Location: Weston County, Wyoming 

Total Cost/SRF share: $409,920/$204,960 

The proposed project is within the city limits and includes replacing approximately 1,700 feet of 6-inch water line on Boyd Ave and Buckaroo Street, replacing approximately 400 feet of water line in the alley west of Buckaroo Street, boring approximately 100 feet of 6-inch water line beneath Highway 85 from Buckaroo Street to Ash Street. Surface disturbance is in areas that are paved or graveled and will be repaired to similar condition 

No significant adverse environmental impacts will occur due this project. The proposed project will not adversely affect wetlands, prime agricultural lands, threatened or endangered species habitat, historical sites with environmentally sensitive characteristics. The primary impacts of the project will be short-term and construction related. 

The review process did not indicate
significant environmental impacts would result from the proposed action. Consequently, DEQ has made a preliminary decision not to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). DEQ has taken this action on the basis of a review of the environmental assessment document and other supporting data, which are on file at the DEQ Cheyenne Office. The public may review these documents upon request. 

Comments supporting or disagreeing with this decision may be submitted for DEQ
consideration. Address all questions and
comments to Stan Miller, SRF Project Engineer, Department of Environmental Quality, 200 W. 17th St. Suite 200, Cheyenne, WY 82002, TEL. (307) 777-6371, FAX (307) 635-1784, email: Stanley.miller@wyo.gov. After evaluating
comments received, DEQ will make a final
decision; however, DEQ will take no administrative action for at least 30 days after publication of this Finding of No Significant Impact. 


(Publish March 26, 2020)


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