Biased editor is not a city resident


Dear Editor,

In last week’s NLJ, in the editorial piece titled “County attorney election is unlikely to solve our prosecution problem,” the word “we” was used a total of 11 times. Out of curiosity, who is “we” referring to? Is this the opinion of the entire NLJ staff, or just your own? There is no name on the editorial, so it is hard to tell.

As residents of Newcastle, we find it ironic, since you reside outside of city limits, that you are suggesting ways that the city should spend their budget. Your solution to eliminate the police department and have the sheriff’s office take over all policing responsibilities sounds more like a personal vendetta against the police department, and a knee- jerk reaction to the real problem, which is an elected county attorney who is unwilling to do his job and prosecute cases.

It would be unwise and irresponsible for the city to enter into a contract with Weston County for Sheriff Department services as you suggest in your opinion piece, because we are already paying taxes to the county general fund, which is used to fund the sheriff’s department. But as residents of the city, we appreciate the city funding the Newcastle Police Department since it ensures that residents have the best protection and service provided to them. 

The solution for the county attorney not prosecuting cases should be decided by the voters of Weston County, and not clouded by what appears to be a personal attack on the police department, as it appears by your recent editorials in the NLJ.

We urge the public to seek out and speak to city council members and the Chief of Police, to clarify information that is being printed in the NLJ. It is important that the public gets an actual, unbiased account of their local news.

—Randy and Mary Dixon 


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