Old Highway 85

Alexis Barker NLJ News Editor The Board of Weston County Commissioners has engaged the Wyoming Department of Transportation for potential improvements to Old Highway 85 using funds from the department’s Commission Road Improvement Program, also known as CRIP. The needed improvements to the road...

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Mistress of Ceremonies, Ivy Meddlesome (played by Brittany Hamilton, above), set the stage before each of the three acts.

Below, Connor Stolhammer as Able D’Drive and Jonathan Anderson as Inspector Casey Solved.

I t’s not every day you get to have an enjoyable meal and sit down to enjoy a live play at the same time. But these types of events are among my favorite. These cherished moments give you a couple of hours to fill your tummy, watch a live performance with all the humor that inevitably accompanies...

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On Tuesday, during the Weston County Commissioners meeting, the issue of whether or not to replace the bridge on Old U.S. Hwy 85 over Burlington Northern Santa Fe lines was discussed. After an initial meeting in the commissioner’s chamber the participants went out to the site of the discussion to look at the bridge in question, and to ask questions of BNSF and Wyoming Department of Transportation representatives, as well as of the commissioners. Afterward the meeting reconvened at the courthouse and the discussion continued, followed by a vote. While at the site of the bridge on U.S. Hwy. 85, crossing the BNSF line, Scott Taylor, WYDOT district engineer, above, answers questions.

Alexis Barker NLJ News Editor   The board of Weston County Commissioners voted unanimously on Feb. 4 to reconsider a motion made on Jan. 19 to remove the Old Highway 85 bridge and move forward with a replacement that was approved in April 2020.  The motion made during the board’s last meeting...
Alexis Barker NLJ News Editor   Members of the Weston County commissioners expressed concerns over the replacement of the bridge on Old Highway 85 during a discussion with the Wyoming Department of Transportation on Jan. 19. During that meeting, Commissioner Tony Barton motioned to remove the...

Photo by Walter Sprague/NLJ

The bridge spanning Beaver Creek below the Dewey cut-across on Old Highway 85 burned down last week. The fire is suspected to have been caused by an abandoned fire.

Alexis Barker NLJ News Editor   According to Weston County Fire Warden Daniel Tysdal, a suspected abandoned campfire caused a fire that destroyed the bridge spanning Beaver Creek below the Dewey cut-across on Old Highway 85 some time during the night of May 17 or early morning hours of May 18.  “...

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The Wyoming Department of Transportation is seeking comments on alternatives for replacing or repairing the 90-year-old bridge on Old U.S. Highway 85 just outside of Newcastle. The bridge is said to be in deteriorating condition, according to the department. 

Alexis Barker NLJ News Editor   The Weston County commissioners have asked the Wyoming Department of Transportation to assess the Old Highway 85 Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad bridge, according to information from the department. The bridge is located on County Road 1A, approximately 3 miles...

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