WHP reports 2022 fatality statistics

Via the Wyoming News Exchange

SHERIDAN (WNE) — The lack of use of vehicle restraints contributed heavily to the number of road fatalities in Wyoming in 2022.

Fatal crash statistics through November 2022 showed out of 123 fatalities in 107 fatal crashes, 62 were attributed to not using occupant restraints, with 41 involving rollover crashes, 17 involving multi-car collisions and four involving fixed objects. 

Of the 62 who perished from not using proper restraints, 14 were younger than 21 years old.

Percentage breakdowns show 82% of those who died in rollover crashes were unbelted, compared to 45% unbelted who died in multi-vehicle crashes and 100% of those who died in fix-object crashes were unbelted. 

Likewise, 83% of the resident fatalities were unrestrained, while 46% of nonresident fatalities were unrestrained. 

Those involving drugs or alcohol came in at 37% of total crashes, rising above the national average of 28%.

Of the total fatalities, more were male drivers, Ratliff said.

A bill going through the Wyoming Legislature revises child restraint requirements, replacing language of “infant seat” with “child safety restraint system” and requiring children remain in a rear-facing child safety restraint system until the child reaches either the age of 2 or the weight or height limit specified by the manufacturer of the restraint system. 

The bill was sponsored by the Transportation Committee and has been received for introduction in the House as of Jan. 17.

Current statute incurs only a $25 fee for a driver not wearing a seat belt and a $10 for passengers not wearing restraints.


This story was published on Jan. 21, 2023.


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