What To Look For in Firefighter Safety Gloves

What To Look For in Firefighter Safety Gloves

Gloves are the clothing item that seems to fill the firehouse more than other fire safety equipment. Information that covers the best fit, dexterity, and durability of these gloves abounds, causing many amateurs to stare in awe at the experienced firemen discussing their favorite brands and more. As a trainee, you must learn what to look for in firefighter safety gloves.

Increased Hand Protection
The one thing we can't sugarcoat is the protection of safety gloves. You want all pieces of your uniform to have enough material to protect your vulnerable body parts. However, many people fail to consider their hands.
For a novice, it's important to choose safety gloves with durability. Even though flexibility is essential, the more material there is, the more protection you receive from your mitts.
When companies come together to create the best apparel for those working in frontline jobs, they place a high priority on hand protection.

Has Great Value
The most valuable gloves come from the best materials money can buy. In other words, you may want to opt for a more costly option rather than one with thin materials; this way, you receive the most value for what you spend. If you want to avoid burning your hands or ripping your gloves, go for a set that lasts a long time.

Meets NFPA Standards
For any labor job, your gloves must meet regulations and safety standards. According to NFPA, your gloves must have the ability to block moisture and protect the back of your hands.

The Right Size
The truth is, no glove is one size fits all. This is because there is a safety standard that manufacturers need to meet, and it is based on hand size.
Many manufacturers have a system that helps measure your hands before ordering, and gloves generally contain a sewn-on label that reads: NFPA 1971-compliant.

How To Measure Your Hand
When measuring any part of your body, you need to ensure that you're getting all measurements to help determine the correct size. Also, keep in mind that sizes vary based on the width of your hands.
For example, all sizes run from ordinary to extra wide. Below is a brief guide on measuring your hands to find the best size.

  1. The first measurement consists of recording the length of your fingertip. This measurement ensures the gloves aren't tight. Measure from the tip to the base.
  2. Now, focus on the breadth of your hand—the range is the front of the hand, opposite your knuckles. Follow along by measuring the extent to the knuckles on the back of your hand.
  3. Take these two measurements and compare them to a size chart. If you can’t find your size, contact the manufacturer for custom-made gloves.

When considering what to look for in firefighter safety gloves, focus on the glove's quality and size. Finally, you're ready to purchase and work with well-made gloves that add plenty of value to your workday.


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