What Else Can You Do?

We spend a lot of time reporting on what local governments are doing for you — and sometimes to you — but it has occurred to us that the information we provide to you every week would be even more valuable if we try to include at least some mention of what you can do for your government too.


In the advertising world, it is referred to as a “Call to Action,” and most marketing professionals will tell you that if you aren’t giving consumers a Call to Action, then the effectiveness of your advertisement is greatly diminished.


We’ve said before that this newspaper has a number of important jobs to perform for our community, and one of them is to promote Newcastle and Weston County. While the weekly NLJ is constrained by the need to report truth and provide important (but sometimes unpleasant) information, it is still one big advertisement for our community.


And one of the best ways it can be used by readers and leaders alike is as a Call to Action to improve the quality of life in our community — and we believe that is something every person, business, group and government entity should play a role in.


This newspaper has fought plenty of battles over the belief that government should not be trusted to do everything for us without being transparent and accountable to the people it serves.


But it is also true that government should not be forced to do everything for us, and the people and organizations that make up a community must also be accountable and willing to work with government to improve our quality of life.


Moving forward, when we report on local issues we will be asking your leaders what the public can and should do to improve outcomes and move the community forward, and we hope they will be forthcoming with ways in which the public can play a role making Newcastle and Weston County stronger.


We’re excited to share that input with the citizens of Weston County because we believe you are our best resource. We also believe you want to help, but maybe haven’t been asked.



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