Wake up America!

Wake up America!

To the Editor,

Wake up America! Don’t let the socialist and New Green Deal advocates turn your minds from our freedoms. If you vote Democratic this fall you will be voting for abortion, socialism and the New Green Deal. Abortion is murder. Socialism is the dividing of property between everyone including those foreigners coming across our borders illegally. Those of you who own homes and land, it will be taken away from you.

Socialism does not allow the common man to own anything. What do you think gun control is about? If they take our guns away it will be easy to “take” all of our land and all we own. Socialism is also the first step between capitalism and communism. 

Anyone remember Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? They were the National Socialist German Workers Party. They believed in totalitarian government with complete control of property and industry, ran by what they believed to be superior race of people. The New Green Deal will destroy our economy and put millions out of work. Global warming is a lie and God is in control of the climate, not man.

As a child I pledged allegiance to my flag in a little country school and was taught love and respect for my great America. I was taught history and how our forefathers gave their lives for our freedom. Evil started creeping into our schools years ago with the removal of prayer and the ten commandments. Our children are no longer being taught to pledge their allegiance and to love America. They are slowly removing our history and teaching our children that capitalism is bad and America is evil, thus leading to the mess we are in.

America was founded on belief in God and the Bible, the freedom to own property and to bear arms to defend ourselves. 

Our salvation is not in any political party but is in our Lord Jesus Christ. God has a place of judgement reserved for those who don’t believe and obey him. Vote for those who support life and freedom. 


Thank you -- Anna Lou Andersen

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