Vote is concerning


Vote is concerning


To the Editor,

Elected officials hiding votes to avoid criticism? Are we in Weston County or Washington? I’m ashamed of this happening locally. 

Our representatives are supposed to represent us, not lie to us and hide from us. We are less than a year from a vote and I hope the people of Weston County do not forget what has happened. 

Trying to ask a question of an elected official at a local level and having them direct the question to a lawyer should never happen here. 

This is insanity, and we need to be rid of the people who think it is okay. I would be willing to bet that these meetings are decided well before the meeting dates via texts and phone calls not in dark, smoke-filled rooms but just as crooked and sneaky.

I understand people have a lot going on and it’s Christmas season and everything else, but we need to have a long memory and vote these people out in the next election.

If I can’t ask you about a vote person to person you have NO business holding public office! 


Sincerely — Jason Williams 

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