The Top Three Cooling Methods in Data Centers

The Top Three Cooling Methods in Data Centers

Data centers are facilities filled with sensitive information and priceless company resources. Without your data center, you wouldn’t be able to facilitate the vast data network you work with daily. Since data centers form the foundation of your business, it would help if you were aware of how to keep your data center in good condition. Keeping your data centers properly maintained and cool is a crucial way to ensure their safety. This article explores the top three cooling methods for data centers to help you keep your center safe.

Free Cooling 
Using the cool atmosphere outside can decrease the need for electricity and other costly, required supplies. Because of this, free cooling has the benefit of being one of the most energy-efficient methods on this list. That said, it can allow outdoor pollutants to get into the data center if you aren’t careful.

Air Conditioners
Computer room air conditioners function like residential ones, transforming the hot air outside into cool air inside. It compresses drawn air around the server and into the general premise of the room. The only drawback of using air conditioners is their inability to cool a large space. That said, it’s perfect for individual servers and maintains its place on our list of the top three cooling methods in data centers. 

Liquid Cooling Technologies
Liquid substances are a popular cooling alternative in data centers. They offer greater cooling capabilities and keep your server clean by not polluting the area with debris. It’s also exceedingly cost-effective; it doesn’t need as much electricity to power the system. Because of that, if you’re into new technologies, you might want to give this system a test run. 
Overall, you can use many air conditioning methods in your data center. Without proper cooling measures, your hardware and software could get fried or worse, and when you have sensitive information on those servers, it’s ideal to have a backup. Learning more about the various cooling methods will help you determine which option is right for you.


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