A Time to Heel

Jim Darlington

A Time to Heel


Many folks are dejected, ‘bout how the vote counters selected, 

And will never believe that Trump was honestly defeated.

The rivers of fraud flowed deep and broad,

But if you don’t look you can’t see that they cheated. 


Conservatives are cursin’ the votes of every dead person,

‘Cause the deceased always vote Democrat.

When manufactured ballots arrived by the pallets,

The leads that Trump had all fell flat. 


Now they say it would be a mortal sin, if we don’t accept Sleepy Joe’s alleged win,

Even though things aren’t yet certified. 

We’re supposed to be believing their constant deceiving,

And the four long years about Trump that they lied.


It’s a fact, not opinion, the counting machine from Dominion,

Were a big factor in the supposed win by Joe Biden.

Now they can’t be reached with a call, their offices have gone AWOL,

And their brass have all gone into hidin’.


Instead of a Utopia, their plans would bring us dystopia, 

Unless the spineless come join in the fight. 

If we let ‘em seal our fate, re-education camps may await,

For many irredeemable souls on the right.


Aock and squad insist they’ll be going over the list,

Of all the deplorable chumps who supported President Trump.

They say that we might be fine, if we will toe their line,

And just ask, “How high?” when they tell us to jump.


— Jim Darlington


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