Is the threat real?

NLJ Staff

Dear Editor,

Your latest issue, Jan 23, 2020, featured a FrontPage article describing TAC*ONE training for our Elementary School.  Possible violence which may involve an ‘Active Shooter’ prompts this training. I attended this school from the end of WWII until High School graduation.  We suffered no similar threat during that time.

What has changed causing this danger?  It’s probably a collection of contributing factors, the sum total of which is this occasional violent aberration.  I hope that some entity is attempting to identify the reasons for this aberrant behavior.  While I am no authority, I suspect that several factors contribute to this new danger.  

Several years ago a popular and conservative actor/President terminated most of the Federal Funding for Mental Health.  Many individual states did not provide a similar service.  That left many patients untreated and on the streets.  Many of those areas were “low wage, high cost” and required both parents to be away from home to make enough money to keep the family afloat.  Unsupervised children are subject to all manner of mental afflictions resulting in bad behavior.  During his campaign for high office at least one national politician, using “Tribalism” as part of his campaign has encouraged violence against “Others.”  We elected him.


Jerry Baird

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