Representatives are hired by you


Representatives are hired by you

To the editor:

I have heard many people complain about current events and that our elected representatives do not represent us. This is both true and untrue, but entirely in YOUR hands. Look at the people of Wyoming, then look at our Wyoming legislature. And if you really want to make your head spin, look at our federal legislature. Are they representing you? My answer is a resounding “NO,” so I am out there working to change that. 

So, what can you do? We MUST start locally with holding our local county officials accountable. This is happening here in Weston County. Many citizens are attending county and city meetings, asking questions, and speaking out. Remember, elected officials work for YOU, not the other way around! Elected officials should be asking YOU for input and voting openly and transparently for YOUR interests, not their own. If they are not worthy of your trust, hold them accountable and make sure they are not elected again. Make no mistake, character matters. When we see that our public officials are unable or unwilling to do their jobs to our satisfaction — even if we personally like them — we must vote them out of office.

Weston County has a large number of people who stepped up to run for elected office. Large numbers of candidates have registered to run for everything from state legislature to precinct committee person.  This is your Representative Republic in action and it is awesome to see!

Please take time to meet these candidates, research their backgrounds and ask them questions. Make sure they are competent and that their hearts are in the right place — meaning that when they are faced with tough choices, they will instinctively do the right thing. If they are incumbents, research their voting records and look at their personal conduct in meetings. Do they want to hear from you? Are they open and receptive to your questions and comments? Do you see them participating in community events and supporting local businesses and charities?

Remember often that this is YOUR government, as messy as it is! Make sure you cast your vote for people you trust to represent you — people who selflessly put your interests before their own. Failing to match our votes with our values leads us down the path to a government we are not proud of at all.  Start here. Make your vote count.


— Best regards, Kari Drost

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