A real eye opener


A real eye opener


Dear Editor,


The Impeachment Trial on TV has been a real  “Eye Opener!”    A “Teller of Truth”  would be skinned alive if he dared to show up.

One group seems to want everybody to agree that the Constitution does not mean what is written!  The other group seems to want to waste no more time and start building the gallows.  In the meantime, a whole continent, albeit a small one, is going up in flames caused by Global Warming.  Coal and Oil seem to be the primary cause of Global Warming and we have not addressed any method of
amelioration.  A great and expensive effort was employed to invent and build a “War Ending” Atomic Bomb!  A great and expensive effort was employed to bring relief to “The Great Depression.”  Can we not spare a few coins or profits to prevent a global catastrophe?   What would you prefer a highly profitable Mobiloil and Texaco OR a healthy and long lifespan?  

Choose and then do something about it. 

Jerry Baird

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