Put chickens on the ballot

— Dennis Vik

To the editor:

Instead of having a meeting where 20-22 people show up and 90% are for chickens in town, we have an election coming up. Put it up for a vote then and let the voters decide.

We already have ordinances that are not enforced, why have another one? If you’re worried about the cost of eggs, cut back on a couple of Big Gulps a day, that would pay for a dozen eggs. Use one gallon of gas less a day, that would buy a dozen and a half. You need to figure the cost of feed — oyster
shell, etc. 

Not to mention the attraction of rodents — rats and mice — and attraction of flies. Not to mention managing the waste and cleanliness. 

Not long ago, the city spent $20,000 on a so-called cat-house, I don’t think it ever had any customers. Cats are worse than ever. I have had clear coats on three vehicles scratched
by cats. 

Why isn’t that ordinance enforced? Is there an ordinance about parking on the wrong side of the street? How about unlicensed/inoperable vehicles? (Some a stone’s throw from the police station). How about junk in alleys? 

I don’t think we really need another that won’t be enforced. 




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