Not my fantasy

Sonja Karp


 don’t know about anyone else, but for me, this year Fantasy Football is any-
thing but.

Granted, I was only sure of one player that I wanted to draft, and my draft position was less than desirable, and I maybe wasn’t truly feeling the vibe for some reason. But, man, so far the whole experience has been something of a disappointment.

In fact, I’ve actually begun to look forward to seeing just how radically my players can mess things up each week.

Take for example, last week. 

As I watched both my, and my opponent’s players put up nothing short of dismal numbers, I likened the whole experience to the slow speed chase of O.J. Simpson in the white Bronco — boring and pathetic, but somehow impossible to not to watch.

Projections showed that the contest would be a high-scoring affair, with both of our teams putting up more than 120 points, and I was projected to win.

The reality was far from the expectations of the experts, because Sunday ended with both of our teams only having scored somewhere in the 40s. 

As Monday night wound down, I found myself glued to my phone and TV as I watched a pitifully suspenseful finish for the week, which literally came down to the last second. I was in the lead by two points, 74-72. Then, when the clock hit zero, somehow her team scored four points and she beat me — by two.

This week, I got beat by four (my tight end scored zero points).

This is not what I signed up for. 

I’m pretty sure that every week, or at least it feels like every week, I’ve had at least one player turn in a goose egg. Twice, my defense has actually lost me points. 

It seems that it never fails that I bench the quarterback who has a good game, and this week BOTH of my tight ends put nothing on the board. Thankfully, one of them was sitting on the bench.

I know that I don’t actually expend much effort into putting together a game plan, either for drafting my players or for who is going to play each week.

Sometimes I will take a gander at what team that player is going up against that week, but that’s a rather rare occurrence. I usually look at their projections and go from there, so I take full responsibility for my end. 

I also understand that not everyone has a great game every time, but come on! This is Fantasy Football. These are professionals making millions of dollars a year. They are supposed to be the best of the best. 

The saving grace is that aside from the
one leading our league, who has a pretty impressive 9-1 record, no one else’s teams
are going great guns either. At 5-5, I am sitting in a five-way tie for third and second place is only 6-4.

I guess it could be interesting to see how the season turns out. It’s pretty much a given who will win, but what remains to be seen is who will be the most mediocre?  

Really, all I can do now is laugh about the silliness, but I also know that this year Fantasy Football is definitely not my fantasy.


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