No voter fraud here

— Mike Ratigan, Weston County

To the Editor:

Doug Jorrey’s letter last week (Oct. 6) should inspire all of us to stand up to the foolishness that has gripped our county. I have been a resident and voted in Weston County my entire life, including absentee during my secondary education and military service.  

I guess I’m an old school voter, and learned early that the best candidate may be a member of the opposite party. I am currently a Democrat but have been a Republican when the best candidate deserved
my vote.

Weston County has never, to my knowledge, had any fraudulent voting.  It does appear that some voters are attempting to create a problem when none existed. Our county clerks have always done an excellent job and Weston County voters have been responsible and respectful to each other. Let’s keep it that way.




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