Newcastle Fire Department claims state title

Walter Sprague

The Wyoming State Fire Convention came to an end on Saturday with the Newcastle Volunteer Fire Department a clear winner. Second place goes to Riverton while third place belongs to Afton City. The weather was breezy and quite a bit cooler, bringing relief to the firemen, their families, and the audience. Two contests were held among the eight participating teams. 

On Saturday morning, the Cellar Contest was first, in which the teams drive up to a board that is nailed into a frame in the ground, chop a hole big enough for the brass end of a hose, stuff the hose in the hole and start pumping water. There is a 3 second penalty if you have water hit the board before the hose is in place. The board is a 2 foot by 2 foot, 5/8 inch thick AC Plywood, and there are two layers of it to chop through.

Newcastle completed the race in 15.34 seconds to edge out second place Torrington (15.44) and third place Riverton (16.88).

After that, the final event of the convention took place. The WET Test involved the teams driving up to the ladder on the side of the fire department tower. The nozzleman climbs the ladder with the hose slung over his shoulder. He is followed by the anchor who makes sure the hose is anchored on one of the rungs of the ladder, so the weight from the vertical column of all that water inside of the hose is manageable for the nozzleman. He then has to aim at a target as the water pumps through. Fastest to hit the target wins.

Newcastle clocked a 14.85 to win the final event by a full two seconds over second place Afton City (16.69) and third place Lander (18.03) and that was more than enough to seal the deal for the host team. Newcastle’s cumulative time was 124.20 seconds, which was a full eight seconds faster than the second place team from Riverton (132.20). The top three remained the same all three days, and Afton City held onto the third spot in the final standings with a total time of 137.23 seconds. Lander was fourth, followed by Afton Rural, Wheatland, Torrington and Lingle.

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