Newcastle City Council Minutes September 6, 2022

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022


Mayor Pam Gualtieri called this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Those present were Mayor Gualtieri; Council members Don Steveson, Ann McColley, Daren Downs, Lance Miles and Tyrel Owens. Also present were City Attorney Dublin Hughes, Public Works Supervisor Greg Stumpff and City Clerk/Treasurer Stacy Haggerty. 

APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Ann McColley moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Don Steveson to approve the minutes of the regular meeting and executive session of August 15, 2022. Motion carried.

NOMINATIONS FOR RECOGNITION: Tasha Townsend & Martha Bickford for the Madness on Main event.


CITIZEN’S BUSINESS—IN WRITING: Mayor Gualtieri read a letter submitted by Lisa Nelson regarding her concerns about backyard chickens.


Tony Shucraft was present to express his concerns about end of times preparation.

JD & Cindy Rhoades were present to offer their support and knowledge regarding backyard chickens. 


Councilman Tyrel Owens reported that he had talked with different communities throughout the state and referenced materials that he had provided regarding City Administrator positions. A Personnel Committee meeting will be scheduled too.

Councilman Tyrel Owens referenced Rural Community Assistance Corporation materials that he had provided regarding Economic Development. 

Mayor Gualtieri read Ordinance No. 5, Series 2022 which heading reads AN ORDINANCE REGULATING PARKING AND PLACEMENT OF RECREATIONAL VEHICLES AND TRAILERS ON PUBLIC PROPERTY WITHIN THE TOWN OF NEWCASTLE. Don Steveson moved, seconded Ann McColley to pass Ordinance No. 5, Series 2022 on 2nd reading. Discussion was had. Motion carried.


City Attorney Dublin Hughes stated that with the resignation of City Engineer Mike Moore the Planning and Zoning board no longer had an Administrator. Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Don Steveson to appoint Building Inspector Adam McFarlin to be the Planning and Zoning Administrator. Motion carried. Attorney Hughes then stated that the proposed ordinance regarding backyard chickens could be discussed at the next Planning and Zoning meeting.  

City Clerk/Treasurer Stacy Haggerty had nothing to report.

Mayor Gualtieri reported calls of service for the Newcastle Police Department, year to date 3,805, in August 516, CSO 96, PD 417 and Public Works 3. She then stated that Officer Riebel is out on sick leave but shifts are being covered. Mayor Gualtieri reported that web based interviews will be held Friday afternoon with Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police with the four final candidates. 

Public Works Supervisor Greg Stumpff reports: Sewer Department- cleaning of cell A has drastically improved the water quality of cell B at the lagoon, the WY Honor Conservation Camp is scheduled to help with maintenance at the lagoon. Water Department- working with LEPC on emergency response plans; Farnsworth Services is scheduled to assist with a leak under the Divide Ave. control station; sending final report on the Level 2 Assessment for July; Level 1 Assessment from August samples have lead back to tank 2 which has been shut off, chlorinated and will be flushed this week. Streets Department- repairs on Cambria St. are done for now; plan to start work on utility cuts throughout town; the Dura-patcher is scheduled for delivery; mowing right-of-ways. Community Events: assisted with the Antique Bike Show at the Museum and the Madness on Main this past weekend with several more upcoming events that they are preparing for. Cemetery: working on the expansion project. Public Works Supervisor Greg Stumpff then reported that the WY Honor Conservation Camp is assisting with drainage on Cambria Creek, once done they will move on to Little Oil Creek. Within the Landfill and Solid Waste Department they are looking into ways to dispose of or recycle tires. He then stated that two employees will need to attend entry level driver training. There are three Asset Management companies that they would like to recommend to the Committee. Project work: Timber Ave. sewer line work should begin next week; Boyd Ave. is complete; Well No. 5, meeting with WWDC will be scheduled; Advertising for bids on Lagoon Cell B with a pre bid meeting set for September 20 and opening bids on September 29; Lagoon Cell B inlet replacement and influent meter plans are being worked up to be in conjunction with the bio-solids removal; Soccer field draining is in planning stages; Working on agreement between WYDOT and the City for the bike path grant. 

STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS: Meetings need to be scheduled for both the Personnel Committee and the Water/Sewer Committee.

OTHER BUSINESS: Councilman Tyrel Owens asked Attorney Hughes if he would look into Ordinance No. 16-31 and the parking of trailers in utility easements.  

CLAIMS AGAINST THE CITY: Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Don Steveson to pay the claims against the City dated September 6, 2022. Motion carried. Tyrel Owens moved, Ann McColley seconded to adjourn this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council at 8:31 p.m. Meeting adjourned.

Claims:  American Business Software, website updates, $92.38; American Engineering Testing, engineering services, $9,065.10; American Water Works Association, safety training, $599.00; Bearlodge Engineering, engineering services, $1,975.00; Kurtis Bell, deposit refund, $100.00; Black Hills Energy, electrical/gas services, $15,298.81; Bomgaars Supply, supplies, $954.93; Joyce Brown, deposit refund, $100.00; Butler Machinery, parts, $381.36; Campbell Co. Health EMS, monthly distribution, $8,333.33; City of Newcastle, wa/sw/ga, $1,201.00; CRM Architecture, PD remodel, $3,785.00; Dite’s Tinkering Design, memorial tree plaques, $200.00; Double D, parts/supplies, $1,280.42; DRM Inc., Boyd Ave. contract work, $17,537.96; Douglas Dumbrill, Municipal Judge, $1,078.40; Energy Laboratories, laboratory testing, $1,348.00; Farnsworth Services, portable sanitation rental/haul services, $4,115.00; FOCUS, quarterly distribution, $1,250.00; Frontier Home Ranch and Hardware, supplies, $1,673.90; Gateway Travel Center, fuel, $9,288.55; Jeff Grimm, deposit refund, $62.19; Eric Hansen, deposit refund, $5.53; Victoria Hill, deposit refund; $41.46; James Haskill, deposit refund, $100.00; Hughes Law, attorney fees, $3,500.00; Jeremy & Harmony Smithhart, deposit refund, $157.46; Jones & Bartlett Learning, CPR.1st Aide materials, $49.27; Ryan Kerns, mileage, $452.48; Ketel Thorstenson, accounting services, $250.00; Justin King, CDL renewal, Kois Bros. Equipment, parts, $218.89; Kregel Towing, towing services, $145.00; Marco, copier fees, $282.12; Mastercard, supplies/fuel/subscriptions, $5,219.45; Dale Messerly, deposit refund, $8.10; Minuteman Lube, tire repair, $19.05; Kellie Moran, mileage, $193.75; Newcastle Chamber, quarterly distribution, $2,500.00; Newcastle Equipment, truck repairs, $3,518.17; Newcastle Recreation Board, quarterly distribution, $9,500.00; Newcastle Vol. Fire Dept., memorial, $1,034.19; News Letter Journal, classified/legal ads, $1,945.00; Norco, cylinder rent, $40.92; Northwest Pipes, parts, $8,176.40; Post Master, postage, $2,400.00; Powder River Energy, electrical/gas services, $1,096.15; Projex, renewal, $630.00; Randy Raetz, deposit refund, $93.94; Genell Rothleutner, cleaning service, $200.00; Sacrison Asphalt, asphalt, $26,338.40; Aaron & Alicia Sadler, deposit refund, $23.42; Salt Creek Water District, sewer service, $555.00; Bryand Streeter, monthly distribution, $1,333.33; Superior Asphalt, contract work, $35,000.00; Lucky Teigen-Grummons, cleaning service, $300.00; Top Office Products, PD copier fees, $57.00; Turbiville Industrial Electric, repair services, $1,126.49; Verizon, cell phone service, $382.80; Becky Vodopich, cleaning service, $300.00; Weston Co. Children’s Center, quarterly distribution, $2,250.00; Weston Co. Road & Bridge, fuel, $1,113.81; Weston Co. Treasurer, handling charge/electrical /phone, $1,244.70; Weston Co. Humane Society, quarterly distribution, $4,500.00; Weston Co. Senior Services, quarterly distribution, $7,500.00; Whetsell Carpentry, PD remodel, $36,242.64; White’s Energy Motors, A/C check, $162.91; WyoHelp, deposit refund, $57.45; Wyoming Home Services, quarterly distribution, $1,500.00; 


Pam Gualtieri, Mayor

ATTEST: City Clerk/Treasurer, Stacy Haggerty


(Publish September 15, 2022)


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