Newcastle City Council Minutes - Monday, May 15, 2023





Monday, May 15, 2023


Mayor Gualtieri called this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Those present were Council members Don Steveson, Ann McColley, Daren Downs, Tyrel Owens, John Butts and Tom Voss. Also present were, City Attorney Dublin Hughes, Police Chief Charles Bowles, Public Works Supervisor Greg Stumpff and City Clerk/Treasurer Stacy Haggerty. 

APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Mayor Gualtieri amended the agenda to add Heritage Park under Mayor/Council Reports and an Executive Session referencing W.S. 16-4-405 (a)(ii) personnel. Ann McColley moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Tom Voss moved, seconded Ann McColley to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of Monday, May 1, 2023. Motion carried.

NOMINATIONS FOR RECOGNITION: New owners of 21 Electric, Newcastle Ace Hardware and Voelker’s Autobody.


1. Bent Sprockets for their work on the Weston County Trails and promoting Newcastle.

2. Frida’s House Mexican Food for the opening of their restaurant on Main Street.


1. Weston County School District #1 submitted a letter requesting seasonal sewer forgiveness. Don Steveson moved, seconded Tom Voss to approve this request. Motion carried.

2. An invitation for the retirement party of Dispatcher Melissa Stubbs was read.

3. A letter from Weston County School District #1 Superintendent, Brad LaCroix was read. The letter stated that upon the retirement of Juvenile Probation Officer Deb Sweet the Weston County Board of Trustees had approved allocating their portion of those funds towards hiring a school resource officer. After discussion Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Tom Voss to assist in the funding of a school resource officer. Motion carried.

SCHEDULED BID OPENING 7:10 P.M.: Mayor Gualtieri opened the only sealed bid for the purchase of an asphalt recycler submitted by Normont Equipment in the amount of $100,225.00. Tom Voss moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to accept this bid upon Public Works Supervisor Greg Stumpff’s review of the required specs. Motion carried.



1. Mayor Gualtieri stated that she had received an email from Emergency Management personnel Gilbert Nelson asking if the City was still interested in having a siren placed within the City. Consensus was to table discussion until more information is available as to where the siren would be placed. 

2. Mayor Gualtieri reported that Dave Ehlers with the Heritage Park committee had setup a meeting with Senator Ogden Driskill. During this meeting the possibility of Heritage Park incorporating a visitor center with funding from the Wyoming Department of Transportation was discussed.  



1. Police Chief Charles Bowles asked the Attorney Dublin Hughes if it would be possible for an employee who currently lives out of town to lease a police vehicle. Attorney Hughes stated that he would need to look into the legalities of such a lease. Chief Bowles stated that he had been attending two meetings per week regarding Dispatch Services and that those meetings have been going well and a public meeting may be held on May 24, 2023. Chief Bowles stated that dispatch wages had been discussed and he feels that those wages need to be increased by $2.00 per hour for each employee and the starting wages need to be increased as well to entice future employees. Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Tom Voss to increase all dispatch wages by $2.00 per hour effective May 26, 2023 payroll. Motion carried. 

2. City Attorney Dublin Hughes referenced the renewal of a site lease with Union Telephone commencing June 1, 2023 and ending the last day of May, 2033 for the amount of $52,907.56. Don Steveson moved, seconded Tom Voss to renew the lease. Motion carried.  Attorney Hughes then referenced Ordinances No. 2, Series 2023 to increase water rates. Councilman Tyrel Owens stated that the proposed rate of $7.00 per 1,000 gallons may cause residents to conserve and revenue may decrease. He suggested having an in-depth rate study done by Carl Brown. Ordinance No. 2, Series 2023 was tabled. Attorney Hughes then referenced Ordinance No. 3, Series 2023 to increase sewer rates. Ordinance No. 3 Series 2023 was also tabled for consideration of a rate study. Attorney Hughes then referenced Ordinance No. 4, Series 2023 to increase garbage rates. Ordinance No. 4, Series 2023 was tabled due to needed edits.

3. City Clerk/Treasurer Stacy Haggerty referenced website proposals provided by Sagebrush Marketing and those previously provided by Ascent Digital on behalf of Bob Bonnar with the News Letter Journal. Tom Voss moved to accept the proposal of Sage Brush Marketing, motion with lack of a second. Clerk Haggerty will ask both entities to make presentations to the Council. Clerk/Treasurer Haggerty then referenced the final budget numbers that she had submitted to the Council asking if there were any questions, concerns or comments. Councilman Voss referenced the $1,000,000.00 from the General Fund reserves, asking if there was any money left in reserves. Clerk/Treasurer Haggerty said that there was money left in reserves. 

4. Public Works Supervisor Greg Stumpff stated that he had reviewed the specs for the asphalt recycler, he recommends moving forward with the purchase. He then requested that Robert Auch be moved to permanent, full-time status and receive a $0.50 raise as he has completed his 1-year probationary period effective May 9, 2023. Ann McColley moved, seconded Tom Voss to approve this request. Motion carried. Mr. Stumpff then reported that a meeting to finalize plans for phase 2 of the Well No. 5 project, Pump Improvements 2020 will be next week. Lagoon Cell B cleaning project is at substantial completion. Water Master Plan kick off meeting will be this week. Landfill No. 1 remediation public meeting will be held in near future prior to June 26, 2023. Records research is being done on prior construction records to aid in the Lead and Copper Rule revisions. South Summit water main replacement project has experienced delays due to contractor scheduling; temporary lines will be put down in the meantime. Public Works Supervisor then referenced provided reports asking if there were any questions. Councilman Voss questioned the Dow Park restroom project asking why this project needed to be done. Councilman Owens also stated that he had been contacted by residents regarding this project. Mr. Stumpff stated that there were several reasons why this project needed to be done including sewer issues, problems with the automatic flushing system and shifting of the current building.



EXECUTIVE SESSION: Tom Voss moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to suspend the rules and go into executive session after a five-minute break referencing personnel per W.S. 16-4-405(a)(ii) at 9:05 p.m. Motion carried. Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Ann McColley to return to regular session at 9:42 p.m. Motion carried. No action was taken coming out of this executive session.

CLAIMS AGAINST THE CITY: Ann McColley moved, seconded Don Steveson to pay the claims against the City dated May 15, 2023. Motion carried. Tom Voss moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to adjourn this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council. Meeting adjourned at 9:43 p.m.

Claims: Ad-Pro, supplies, $59.40; Ameri-Tech, equipment, $2,127.38; American Solutions, checks, $286.45; Charles Bartlett, reimburse ink, $331.60; BCN, long distance, $100.99; Black Hills Energy, energy services, $12,489.43; Charles Bowles, reimburse supplies, $207.92; Cambria Supply, parts/supplies, $1,178.15; Contractor Supply, supplies, $186.00; Culligan, bottled water, $52.00; Decker’s, supplies, $108.31; DRM, Well No. 5 project, $109,264.23; Eastern Wyoming Equipment, supplies, $3,174.06; Energy Laboratories, testing, $6,554.00; Farnsworth Services, contract work, $49,418.08; Fired Up Rescue, fire suits, $34,479.00; Fisher Sand & Gravel, gravel, $558.61; Gateway Travel, fuel, $7,117.38; Heartland Kubota, supplies, $319.77; Hometown Medical, physicals, $175.00; Hurricane Services, contract work, $15,069.93; Laboratory Corp., testing, $98.40; Marco, copier fees, $626.81; Mastercard, PD firearms/supplies, $16,000.00; Mountain Plains Audiology, hearing testing, $525.00; Mountainview Plumbing, plumbing services, $340.00; Newcastle Equipment, repairs, $1,642.00; NVFD, travel/training, $682.91; News Letter Journal, ads/legal/supplies, $1,982.99; Normont Equipment, crack seal poly, $2,640.00; Northwest Pipe Fittings, supplies, $8,898.41; One Call of WY, COD/CON, $75.00; Powder River Energy, energy Services, $1,312.86; Range, phone service, $1,547.00; Rapid Delivery, delivery services, $44.20; Genell Rothleutner, PD cleaning services, $200.00; Skaggs, PD uniforms, $600.00; Michael Staiger, mileage, $342.50; Steiner Thuesen, cemetery master plan, $3,309.64; Summit Plumbing, plumbing services, $190.55; Derek Thompson, reimburse supplies, $12.77; TruGreen, FD lawncare, $132.00; USA Bluebook, supplies, $711.49; Valli, monthly maintenance, $140.82; Becky Vodopich, cleaning services, $300.00; WC Treasurer, airport expenses, $765.21; Woody’s, supplies, $186.10.


Pam Gualtieri, Mayor

ATTEST: City Clerk/Treasurer, Stacy Haggerty


(Publish June 1, 2023)


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