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Monday, December 19, 2022


Mayor Pam Gualtieri called this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Those present were Mayor Gualtieri; Council members Don Steveson, Ann McColley, Daren Downs, Lance Miles and Tyrel Owens. Also present were Public Works Supervisor Greg Stumpff and City Clerk/Treasurer Stacy Haggerty. 

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Mayor Gualtieri requested to add Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson to the agenda regarding parking on South Summit Ave. Ann McColley moved, seconded Daren Downs to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Ann McColley moved, seconded Don Steveson to approve the minutes of the regular meeting and executive session of Monday, December 5, 2022. Motion carried.

NOMINATIONS FOR RECOGNITION: Newcastle Chamber of Commerce



Approval of the annual Plumbing and Electrical Licenses for 2023. Don Steveson moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to approve the Plumbing Licenses and Electrical Licenses as presented. Motion carried. The licenses are as follows:

The following have requested plumbing licenses for the 2023 calendar year. All fees have been paid and proof of insurance and bond have been provided.

Powder River Heating & Air Conditioning - Master Plumber: Jaye Drake; Journeymen: Brett Osman, Steve Sales; Limited Mechanical Apprentices: Eric Means, Jason Wacker, Jose Zavala

Andersen Plumbing and Contracting - Master Plumber: Clay Andersen; Apprentice Plumber: Nathan Andersen

Wolff’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. - Master Plumber: Scott Hartman; Journeymen Plumber: Dan Hartman

Black Hills Plumbing & Heating - Master Plumber: William Simianer; Apprentice Plumbers: Chris Scull, Michael Paterson, Josh Kaufmann

Mountainview Plumbing & Heating - Master Plumber: Brian D. Olson; Apprentice Plumber: Rob Wisnewski

21 Electric/Plumbing - Master Plumber/HVAC: Aaron Napolitano

Summit Plumbing & Heating, LLC - Master Plumber: David J. Hopkins; Apprentice Plumbers: Robin King, Cameron Richardson, Eloy Martinez, Michael Haynes

The following have requested Limited Plumber Licenses for the 2023 calendar year. All Fees have been paid and proof of insurance and bond have been provided.

Black Hills Gas Holdings, LLC (Gas Piping) – Limited Plumbers: Donny Munger, James Curren, Mark Christiansen

Black Cat Construction (Water, Sewer Line) – Limited Plumber: Jeff Sorch

Wayne’s Heating and Air (Gas Piping) -Limited Plumber: Wayne Anderson

Culligan Soft Water of Hot Springs, Inc. (Soft Water Service - Limited Plumber: Richard D. Olstad 

The following request Limited Mechanical Plumber License for the 2023 calendar year. All Fees have been paid and proof of insurance and bond have been provided.

Always There Heating and Cooling – Limited Mechanical Plumber: Timothy Almy

Comfort Systems Heating & Cooling Inc. - Limited Master Mechanical Plumber: Cary Wendling (Gas Piping)

Precision Mechanical - Limited Mechanical Plumber: Stephen Van Dam; Apprentices: Brian Morgan, Michael Bales, Patrick Sloan, Johnny Reed, Austin Youngblood

Midwestern Mechanical - Master Plumber: Chris Hetzel; Limited Mechanical Plumbers: Daniel Whitney, Louis Cambell

Climate Solutions, Inc. - Limited Mechanical Plumber: Nathan Kintz

Tessier’s Inc. - Limited Mechanical Plumber: David Del Soldato

The following have requested Electrical Licenses for the 2023 calendar year. All Fees have been paid and proof of insurance and bond have been provided.

Homestead Works Electrical - Master Electrician: Howard D. Bogue

ProElectric, Inc. - Master Electrician: Curtis E, Juby; Journeymen Electricians: Charlie Lynn Smith, Keith Norman King; Apprentice Electrician: Tyler Phinney

H&H Electric - Master Electricians: Christopher David Hill, Curtis J. Maxwell; Journeymen Electricians: Jason Gray,
Broady Read

21 Electric - Master Electrician: Joshua Liggett; Journeyman Electrician: Ryan Yuronich; Apprentice Electrician: Payton A. Parks

ITC Electrical - Master Electrician: Michael Carruth

Rick’s Electric - Master Electrician: Rick Phillips; Journeymen Electrician: Trenton Engle; Apprentice Electricians: James Lewis, Tate Engle

Hunter Electric - Master Electrician: Zachary Hunter

Arrow Electric, Inc. - Master Electrician: Richard R. Andrews; Journeymen Electrician: Rhett James Williams; Apprentice Electricians: Shane Bohlander, Bryce J. Perkins

Whites Construction, LLC - Master Electrician: Brian K. Swan; Apprentice Electrician: Nathan G. Baker


Bruce Perkins was present to ask the Council to consider leaving the Main Street sidewalks as no skate boarding or bike riding when the ordinance pertaining to such is updated.

Caleb Carter was present to give an annual report for the Natural Resource District.

Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson were present to request that the Council reconsider the parking restrictions recently posted on portions of S. Summit Ave. 


Mayor Gualtieri referenced funding for the new hanger at Mondell Airport. Request had been made for the City to contribute 2% of the cost which would be $18,905. Ann McColley moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to approve this funding request. Motion Carried. 


City Clerk/Treasurer Stacy Haggerty stated that with observed New Year holiday being on Monday, January 2, 2022 the next Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January
3, 2022.

Public Works Supervisor Greg Stumpff referenced the Public Works report for projects and work done. 

Mayor Gualtieri reported that Chief Bowles was out of town and would return January 5th or 6th. She then reported on calls of service, there had been 36 for the CSO, 2 for the City Crew, and 69 to the Police Department with a YTD of 4,537. There was discussion on accrual of vacation for the Police Department, Clerk/Treasurer Haggerty will contact Attorney Hughes and will discuss at the next Council Meeting. Councilmen Owens stated that he had contacted Chief Bowles and he will attend via phone for the next step in obtaining the Chapter 56 permit.  

City Attorney Dublin Hughes was absent. 

STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS: Mayor Gualtieri requested members of the personnel committee stay after the adjournment of this meeting. 


CLAIMS AGAINST THE CITY:   Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Lance Miles to pay the claims against the City dated December 19, 2022. Motion carried. Don Steveson moved, seconded Ann McColley to adjourn this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council at 8:07 p.m. Meeting adjourned.

Claims:  Ad Pro, supplies, $18.90; Advanced Drug Testing, testing, $26.00; Alpha Communications, tower rent, $95.00; American Business Software, monthly maintenance, $49.00; Matthew Anderson, mileage, $400.00; Patricia Bauman, deposit refund, $100.00; Black Hills Energy, energy services, $178.83; Black Hills Energy – Custer, deposit for primary line to Well 5, $14,567.43; Butler Machinery, supplies, $949.13; Contractor Supply, supplies, $875.13; Culligan, water, $65.00; Decker’s, supplies, $89.51; Derek’s Field Service, repairs, $1,261.40; Ditch Witch Undercon, line locator, $8,368.82, Double D, supplies, $939.40; DustBusters, salt, $9,541.49; Eastern Wyoming Equip., parts/supplies, $5,479.46; Energy Laboratories, testing, $64.00; Farnsworth Services, lagoon/sanitation, $32,445.00; Ferguson, support, $2,437.43; Frontier, parts/supplies, $4,747.39; Gateway Travel, fuel, $7,319.53; Hansen Equip., trimmer, $208.00; Knecht, parts/supplies, $759.32; Marco, PD copier fees, $663.56; March Tech., copier fees, $279.48; Minuteman, tire repair, $20.00; One Call, CDC/CON, $42.75; Rapid Delivery, delivery fees, $72.16; Rick’s, electrical services, $2,234.80; Genell Rothleutner, cleaning services, $200.00; Short Stop, fuel, $3,814.96; Top Office, supplies, $15.90; Torgerson’s, sweeper repair, $63.10; Valli, monthly maintenance, $140.57; Becky Vodopich, cleaning services, $300.00; Voice Products, PD camera install, $31,328.00; WC Health Services, drug testing, $100.00; WC Road & Bridge, fuel, $440.94; WC Treasurer, airport/youth expenses, $4,023.25; WC Clerk, election fees, $4,734.63


Pam Gualtieri, Mayor

ATTEST: City Clerk/Treasurer, Stacy Haggerty


(Publish December 29, 2022)


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