Make your vote count


Make your vote count


To the Editor:

What is a free lunch? A concept that considers half of the equation. It may indeed be free to the recipient; however, it is certainly not free to the provider. Who benefits from a free lunch? A starving person, certainly; an obese person, not so much.

What is a grant? Money that doesn’t have to be repaid. Again, a concept that considers only one side of the equation. The recipient may not be responsible for repaying funds, however, the provider certainly has to pay.

Who is the provider? We all are. Whether we as individuals paying our taxes, fees, assessments, etc. or businesses and corporations pay their various taxes, fees, royalties, etc., we all pay this money in one form or another in order to fund our necessary government operations. I don’t believe it is our intent to provide funds for unaccountable committees to spread around as they see fit. I know it’s not my intent.

Again, who benefits from a grant? Providing water, sewer, fiber-optic cables, roads, bridges, etc. certainly benefit all of those served. Providing separate dispatch functions for police and sheriff departments, highly questionable. Please don’t explain the difference between Covid Relief Funds and grants —that is not the issue at stake here. I would, however, appreciate an explanation as to how the inability of the Newcastle City Council and Weston County Commissioners to get along is attributable to COVID-19.

I would also like to be enlightened as to how two separate dispatches are better serving the community. It would seem to me that just the opposite, police and sheriff cooperating, would be more useful to the community. It appears we have prioritized serving egos over serving the community. 

Then there is the issue of Heritage Park. I wouldn’t question the concept of desirability. The need, however, is another matter. Newcastle has three nice parks, all conveniently located, which are definitely not overcrowded. So, who are we going to serve with this new park? It is not more conveniently located for local people. Are we building it with the purpose of accommodating the traveling public? The same traveling public, I might add, that we go out of our way to rip-off by issuing speeding tickets? Someone needs to be educated in the area of creating a favorable impression.

We have an election coming up with many candidates professing their intent to reduce the size and scope of government to its basic necessities, who are also pledging not to raise taxes. If the park is an example of how they intend to shrink government and the need for taxes, then I don’t understand what they mean. Likewise, I don’t know how to take any of their promises. 

Wyoming is facing radical changes in its means of financing its government in the very near foreseeable future. Oil, gas, coal, and other mineral tax, royalty, etc. revenues are all facing major declines. We are going to have to both reduce the size of government and come up with new sources of revenue. ‘Nice to have’ projects dependent on grants won’t cut it.

We as citizens must spend our votes wisely and deliberately. We need to educate ourselves as to the various candidates’ ability to make the right decisions and their willingness to take them. 

Voting for our friends and neighbors is fine as long as they are capable. If some less charming person, however, who may be from out of town or even out of the county is more capable, we would do well to go with the best. 



— Jack Highfill, Newcastle, WY

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