A look at local gas prices

Don Thorson

To the Editor:

What is it with the gasoline dealers in Newcastle that we need to pay them more for gas than in surrounding towns? Any direction you go, gas is cheaper 20 to 30 cents. 

We know that the oil is refined here and taken to the dealers. Gas prices have been going down as have oil prices. The refinery tries to be civic minded with support for public projects, but other refineries sell cheaper because some dealers can buy from outside refineries and transport the gas here at a lower price than they can buy it here.

Newcastle is not a magnet for tourists as happens some places, causing price gouging, and most of the residents are virtually isolated here and do not leave town just for cheaper gas.

This is not a new situation but has been going on for a along time. Maverik comes into a town touting cheaper prices, but without competition they fall in line with the other stations. 


— Don Thorson


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