Lets talk about the good

— Francie Goode

To the Editor:

I want to thank you for your excellent coverage of local issues. There are other local folks that could use some community support as well.

We need to notice when people do a good job, and perhaps say thanks. For instance, Weston County Senior Services employees and volunteers daily give needed services. Many groups meet there, many good meals are served there and delivered elsewhere.   Events are held there, and good people live there. What do you say to those who work there?

How often do we thank law enforcement, fire fighters, non-profit workers, local government employees, or others who serve every day? Our community is stronger and better for these dedicated people.

Election is coming up again. Working a 14-hour day with no breaks is a long time for people to work.  In all the years I’ve been doing it I have been very impressed with the dedication of election workers.  Never once have I seen even a hint of dishonesty or cheating there! There have been a few mistakes, which were rectified. Everything is documented. So what’s up with the poll watchers? Instead of “Thanks” for our work, we get suspicion of our work. Almost all of the people running for office and the election judges, too, are Republicans, so they are watching their own party! Hmm. Food for thought.

Look around you. This is a pretty good place to live. Most people do the best they can every day. There is very little crime here compared to most places. People here work hard and give generously. Why do you want to look for things to criticize? Why not look for ways to help and cooperate? We would feel better about ourselves and our




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