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Bob Bonnar

I like to keep it light and positive around the holidays, but I can understand how some of you may think I’m peddling a lot of negative in NEWC Now, our email newsletter (see ad on page 11), this week. Not only does this edition of your weekly newsletter contain the full story about the end of the United Fund Pie Auction from last week’s News Letter Journal, if you scroll down a little bit you’ll see that there will be a story coming out in this week’s paper about the end of Cookie Day at Newcastle Elementary School.

Both of those things sound like a bummer to us old-timers, but I’m hoping everybody can embrace the possibility that something positive can — and probably will — come out of the end of these two local holiday traditions.

First of all, the fact that these sales went on so long says a great deal about our community — and about the dozens of people who have been the driving force behind the events for so many years. Many of these folks have retired or are nearing retirement age, and the reality of aging and leaving the labor market is that we eventually have to give up our “labors of love” too.

We probably didn’t say “Thank You” to these people enough while they were baking their tails off over the last few decades, so please thank them now for setting a great example of giving and caring in our community...and then assure them that a new generation is ready to follow that example of service and put their own brand on it!

There are still plenty of great things that go on around Newcastle and Weston County during the holidays, and you’re seriously missing the boat if you don’t go to the Festival of Trees, the holiday concerts and the business open houses you’ll see advertised in the NLJ in the next couple of weeks. Every one of these things will give you an authentic hometown feel for the holidays, and the community is lucky to have such celebrations.

And while you’re there (and I’m especially referring to you young ‘uns), visit together about some new holiday traditions that you’d like to start and take advantage of the opportunity to tap into the wisdom and expertise of the old-timers hosting the events you go to.

The news of the last two weeks should be enough to remind us that things don’t last forever — and neither do people — but that should also remind us to tap into the wealth of small-town knowledge and experience still available to us so the heart and character of our community isn’t sacrificed to the future you all will build.

We can’t wait to see what that future will look like, and we’re anxious to hear your ideas and support your efforts.

So check the News Letter Journal each week to see what our businesses and organizations have in store in the weeks to come, and be sure to thank them for what they do and everything they have done in the past.

And be inspired by them (I always am) to find your own holiday heart and share it with the community you call home.


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