Keep history alive

Betty Petranek

Keep history alive


October 28, 2021

Dear Newcastle History Buffs,

Since the “History on Main” series by Leonard Cash and Hannah Gross has come to an end, many people have been asking the historical society and the Anna Miller Museum people what we know and how it can be reinstated.

I went to Bob Bonnar for answers.  This is a catastrophic event that is related to our country’s chaotic situation due to COVID.  With the downturn of the economy, and the social upheaval that has been experienced in the last two years, The News Letter Journal has experienced an extreme financial situation. The NLJ has lost sponsorships for several of their articles, advertising, and other interests of the newspaper business.  The history articles were of special interest to Bob, and even though he never did get a sponsorship for them, he covered the cost to print them. But now with the economic decisions that had to be dealt with, Bob had to cut some things and unfortunately the History on Main articles were one of those. 

To answer the question of how they can be reinstated, is that we have to get a sponsorship established. It is $300 an article. I know that we cannot expect an article each week, but maybe someone or business would sponsor once a month. If people want these articles to return lets work together to find a way to sponsor them.


— Betty Petranek


(Editor’s Note: The News Letter Journal would like to continue to work with Mr. Cash to produce more articles on local history, and we are exploring an opportunity to produce several a year in our summer visitor guide — “The Western Heritage, Newcastle Legacy” — as this would be a more economically viable alternative because it would not require as much sponsorship/advertising revenue as continued weekly articles. We appreciate sponsorships and support of all the information we produce, and welcome you to email if you ever want to learn more about the opportunities available to sponsor our content. We regret that the History on Main series cannot continue as it has customarily appeared in these pages for the past several years, but ask that you understand the need to make a change and hope you are aware that we will continue to support the preservation of local history in our pages each week through content like Recapture, photos, feature stories, etc.)


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