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The impeachment is the item of the day.  We should consider several things about it.  The Democrats wanted to impeach Trump from the day he was elected but they had to find a reason. We have seem multiple efforts but none would work.  One thing the Democrats overlook is that just as many people disliked Obama as dislike Trump  but they were willing to try to live with the election.  How many things did Obama do which could have led to impeachment under similar circumstances?  Think of Fast and Furious or Solindra for starters and there are several more.  The Republicans do not work that way.  The current issue is the Ukraine and corruption for which it is known.  If Trump had not made an effort to check out the situation where the US was sending hundreds of millions worth of aid, he would have been derelict in his duty.  The issue became different when Biden’s son was the subject of a very suspicious operation for which he was the beneficiary.  How many remember that Hillary was financing the Steele dossier in an attempt to incriminate Trump which failed.


Don Thorson


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