I goofed up!

Barb Riggs

To the Editor:

In my Halloween excitement I forgot to mention even more Halloween festivities that were offered in Newcastle!

Mondell Heights offered their first Annual Spooktacular Halloween for trick-or-treaters to come on up and enjoy the cupcakes, goodies and trick-or-treat with the residents. Nice job!

Bomgaars offered their annual “Ladies Night” shopping — what a crowd they had, too! The store was packed with anything and everything to get the ball rolling into the season. Snacks were everywhere as well as really good deals — 20% off that night, woo hoo!

Range offed their first annual pumpkin finding challenge ever! To the winner went $6,600 worth of goodies. Did you see the list of businesses and people that contributed to that pot of gold! It got us listening to the radio and getting out there and trying to find that “great pumpkin.” What fun we had, and hope there is another one next year. Credit is huge to all that donated to the prize! We want another challenge next year — yippee!

Weston County Manor offered all the trick-or-treaters to come on down and get some goodies and have some fun, too. This always makes all the residents smile!

There was enough fun offered for all to enjoy in one way or another, with everyone involved. Now we’re on to November and December — holiday bazaars, turkey, holiday wreath auction, parade and more!


— Barb Riggs


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