How the Pandemic Changed the Hiring Process

During the pandemic, industries had to adjust to new guidelines and regulations to keep customers and their staff safe. Because of this, business owners found many benefits in moving operations online. The pandemic changed the hiring process, and we are always developing new methods.

Online Applications
Before the pandemic, online applications were already common. They allow the hiring team to organize and sort them with the help of software systems that learn and apply various filters. With the pandemic, almost all businesses in the US moved to online applications.
If you are taking applications, there are new and better ways to filter them with the help of online hiring platforms that make this process more efficient and beneficial.

New Software
New software was developed to keep up with the number of new applications that companies were getting when they reopened and people got back into the workforce. Getting familiar with new software and online platforms is great because technology will only keep growing to simplify even the most basic tasks.

Verification Systems
The application process includes face-to-face interviews and verifications like background and identity checks. These processes have moved online too. One of the benefits of using a 1-9 verification system is that you as a business owner can avoid any possible problems with fake identities or fake applications that could damage your business.

Online Scams
Many people take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to create fake personas and fake applications, not only for jobs but also for credit cards or personal loans. If you feel like your business is at risk of encountering online scams, hire professionals to handle the verifications relevant to your company’s safety.

Legal Requirements
With more companies moving to remote and using new hiring processes because of the pandemic, laws are growing and changing to ensure the safest practices for businesses. Working from home is not the same as working from anywhere. Companies that hire remotely need to adjust to taxes and benefits in different states.


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