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eing involved in the news industry has reporters and journalists across the country on the edge of their seats, engulfing the news from across the country and preparing for the real possibility that the protests could soon be at their front door. Living in a small rural community makes those possibilities a little less immediate,l but it has led to us questioning where we should turn to get the most reliable, up-to-date and relevant information for each area. 

Over the last week, local news sources, whether television, print or radio, have delivered the situations of protests, activism and rioting across the nation. We believe that the only way to actually know what is going on in these communities is to tune in to their local news sources, not national news programming.

The ability to use these news sources is easier now than ever, and one can quickly access live news from any location via YouTube. That is where we have consumed our protest news from and will continue to do so. 

These are the people that are on the streets. These are the people that know their community, the situation those people are in, and what they deal with every day. These are the sources that have no agenda other than informing the public of what is happening in their

Much like the staff here at the News Letter Jounal, these local journalists and reporters go to work every day with the community in mind. They do what they do because they are passioniate about where they live and have the desire to inform the people of what is happening. 

These are the journalists that cover the local sports teams, they cover the opening of local businesses, they inform the public of what their local governments are doing and they should be the source that the rest of the country turns to when they desire to know what is going on in that city. 

As we all watch what is going on both nationwide and globally, through the COVID-19 pandemic and now with the protests and rioting sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minn.,, it is important to make sure we do so in the most productive way possible. This can only be done by accessing local news sources, no matter where that
may be. 


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