A festive Halloween

Barb Riggs

To the Editor,

Big shout out for the Halloween festivities!

I had the pleasure of attending the First Annual Halloween Concert at the senior center and had a blast! The food was crazy good — South in Yo Mouth, Waffles on a Stick, doughnuts, pastries, pies, cookies and probably a few I did not have room to try!

The costumes were so much fun to watch come and go. The young people had such creative costumes. The bands did a super job with their music talent — it was so nice to see the young people engaged in something fun for everyone. We need the energy of the young people to keep us awake and alive!

The senior center was decorated to the letter for Halloween. I’m not sure who did all of that, but it was awesome. The tattoo section was set up and, yes, they have a special art all their own — very cool. Also, there was an adult beverage section for them to enjoy. This was from 4-10 p.m. and was open to the whole community to have fun, enjoy, listen to music, eat and visit with friends. I hope we can continue this from year to year. 

The hospital did a wonderful job with their vendor fair at Newcastle Lodge and Convention Center. There was a nice combination of keeping everyone healthy with super information, and the vendors each had something unique to offer all who were enjoying the fun. It takes time to have these vendors come and set up and be a part of the good things the hospital has to offer. This fair started my Saturday from fun to more fun to more fun for the day. 

Friday the 28th offered a concert with the Weston County Concert Association too. Once again, we have to keep these young people coming to show just what they have to offer. The musical talent out there is beyond belief. This is hard work for these concerts to come do all over the Black Hills — let’s keep that going, too. 

Trunk or Treat is a big hit, too!! Lots of clean fun with so many cool costumes and lots of candy. It’s fun to watch and enjoy all who attend, and just laugh and have a great time — but it’s lots of work for that also!!

I just wanted to share my appreciation for all the hard work to keep this fun stuff we have going in Newcastle. Keep up the good work!


— Barb Riggs


Editor’s Note: The Halloween party at Weston County Senior Center was hosted by the Weston County Arts Council.

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