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Sonja Karp, NLJ Sports Editor

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Jacob Prell (#65) was a force for the Dogie defense in his last season at NHS. As a result, the senior was named to both the 2A East All-Conference team and the 2A All-State team.


The fall seasons have ended, but the accolades continue as several Dogies and Lady Dogies caught the eye, and got the nod, from coaches in the 3A East Conference, as well as the state, for their outstanding performance on the court and the field throughout the season. 

Players who are awarded All-Conference and All-State honors are recognized by coaches for their contributions to the team, and three Lady Dogie volleyball players received All-Conference honors, one received All-State honors and two were Honorable Mention to the All-Conference team.

Tiernan Stanton, one of the squad’s middle/hitter blockers, was the recipient of both All-Conference and All-State awards. The 6-foot, 2-inch senior finished the season first in the 3A Northeast Conference for blocks, kills and hitting percentage. She was fourth in the state for blocks, fourth in the state for hitting percentage, and 11th in the state for kills. 

“Tiernan was a huge part of this team this year. She really made a difference when she was in and was a go-to hitter/blocker for us this year,” stated head coach Mickey Crabtree. “It was awesome to see her skill set change and adapt throughout the entire season, while still being
successful when adapting to new changes.”

Hunter McFarland was also a recipient of All-Conference honors. McFarland transitioned this year from a setter/outside hitter to the lone setter in the Lady Dogies’ new 5-1 offense. With the majority of the setting lying firmly in the senior’s hands, she stepped up and adapted easily to her new role, amassing 723 set assists on the season, ranking  her third in the 3A East Conference and 12th in the state for 3A.

“Hunter had a great season this year and really stepped into a challenging role,” Crabtree described. “As a setter, I expected a lot from her and she was one of my go-to players when we needed something to change on the court. She continuously worked hard throughout the season and had a great year.”

Jaylen Ostenson was the final volleyball player from Newcastle named to the All-Conference team. She also took on a slightly different role this season as she transitioned from being the team’s second setter, to playing all the way around as an outside hitter/defensive player. Her skills in the back row were just as formidable as those in the front row throughout the season.

“Jaylen’s volleyball skills grew a ton this year as well as her leadership skills,” Crabtree began. “Jaylen is a well-rounded player and really helped the team in many ways this season. She could always be trusted to work hard, give it her all, as well as be willing to make changes during play to improve her skills.” 

Shelby Tidyman was one of two NHS players to receive Honorable Mention to the All-Conference volleyball team. Tidyman really took on a novel role this season as she stepped into the position of libero, or the team’s defensive specialist. Her quickness, athleticism and leadership were just the characteristics Crabtree was looking for to fill that vital role.

“Shelby had a new role than last year, and she stepped into it very well. She was someone who I could trust on the court to relay my information to others on the court when I could not,” Crabtree said. “Shelby worked hard in every practice and every game, and made a difference with the energy she brought as well as communication.”

Finally, MacKenzie Conzelman was also the recipient of Honorable Mention honors. As the team’s second middle hitter/blocker, Conzelman had a smart touch on the ball, which she used to score points for her team. 

“Mackenzie was a delight to have this season. She was a huge uplifter for the team with her continuous smiles and laughter,” Crabtree said. “Mackenzie might not have had the hardest hit, but she was one of the smartest players I have seen in a long time.”

Each of the honorees are seniors and Crabtree admitted that they, along with the rest of the seniors, have left behind some pretty big shoes to fill.  

“Overall, all of these girls had a great year. They all were coachable, adaptable, and committed to the coaching staff and that is all I could have ever asked for, for my first season,” she said. “These girls made a huge impact on the NHS volleyball program and left a great legacy for themselves and they, as well as the rest of the seniors, will be missed next year.”


Dogie football 


After securing a place in post-season play this season, a plethora of Dogies laid claim to All-Conference and All-State football honors.

Holden McConkey, who played running back and linebacker for the Dogies this season, got the nod for All-Conference and All-State honors in 2A. As running back, McConkey finished the season with 850 yards and was rated sixth in the 2A East Conference. In all-purpose yards, he finished fifth with 1,486 yards, in scoring he was second with 16 touchdowns, in punt returns he was third, and in kick returns he finished sixth with 543 yards — which was the most return yardage in the 2A East Conference. Defensively, McConkey finished in 14th place in tackles with a total of 87.5 this season.

“Holden has been a great role model off-season and in-season for Dogie football,” head coach Matt Conzelman reported. 
“He accumulated over 130 weight room sessions in the off season, and at running back he showed the toughness, at linebacker he brought the aggression, and in special teams he was the spark plug.” 

Senior Quint Perino, who was quarterback and defensive back for the Dogies this season, also received All-Conference and All- State honors. He finished the season with 494 passing yards, 421 rushing yards and six touchdowns. Overall, he racked up 942 all-purpose yards. As safety or linebacker, Perino finished 27th in the conference with tackles on the season.

“Quint showed great leadership at the quarterback position this season,” Conzelman said. “I always felt pretty good when he was under center.”

The final Dogie to receive both All-Conference and All-State honors was senior Jacob Prell, who played on the offensive and defensive line. In the offensive pulling guard position, he helped his team produce 2,045 yards and 25 touchdowns this season, and he led the Dogies with 163 defensive points, which included 16 tackles for loss.

“Jacob was another player with over 100 weight room sessions this off season,” Conzleman began. “He was very dominant on the offensive and defensive line this year.”

Heath Henkle was named to the 2A East All-Conference team this season. On offense, Henkle was the center and also helped his team produce 2,045 yards and 25 touchdowns this year. On defense, he played nose guard and finished with 72 defensive points.

Sophomore Connor Stolhammer also received All-Conference honors. At running back, Stolhammer accumulated 204 yards rushing and 110 yards receiving on the year. He also finished the season ranked third on the team for all-purpose yards with 341. As linebacker on defense, he finished the season with 75 defensive points.

“Heath had a strong finish in his senior season playing offensive line and defensive line,” Conzelman said. “As a sophomore, Connor is already a two-year starter for the Dogies. On defense, he did a great job at outside linebacker.” 

Junior Colton Vanderpool Mobley, who played wide receiver and defensive back for the Dogies, was named to the 2A East All-Conference team. He finished the season with 94 yards receiving and 31 yards rushing, while he garnered 61 defensive points.

“Colton stepped up this season and continued to get better every week,” Conzelman said. “He is a very hard worker off season and in-season, and he finished with over 100 weight room sessions this off season.”   

Junior Thomas Prell, running back and linebacker for the Dogies, was the final player to get the nod for the 2A East All-Conference team. He finished the season with 65 defensive points, which included 15 solo tackles. 

“Thomas also stepped up this season and I thought he had a solid year at fullback getting some key blocks for us,” Conzelman determined. “Defensively, he got better every week.”

Finally, junior Skyler Cummings received Honorable Mention to the All- Conference football team. At wide receiver, Cummings finished with 61 yards, and averaged 12.2 yards per catch. Defensively, he finished the season with 44 points. 

“Skyler played wide receiver and defensive back for us this year,” Conzelman said. “He always has a positive attitude and works hard to reach his goals which is great for him and the team.”


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