Donkey's Limerick


 Donkey’s Limerick

Dear Editor,

There once was a donkey who looked in the mirror. What the dim creature saw there caused it great fear.

It saw an eruption of crime and corruption, And the poor beast shed a big tear.

This donkey proclaimed himself “woke.” He was P.C. in every word that he spoke.

The jackass loudly brayed, if from his gospel you strayed, But all good “Deplorables” viewed him as a joke.

The donkey was quite long of tooth, And always had trouble in telling the truth.

He’d earned a fortune by grift, not hard work and thrift, But still expected approval in the voting booth.

The donkey quickly accused others of crimes, Committed by his own ilk, many times. 

With enough distractions committed, he was always acquitted, His defense paid for with your many dimes.

The donkey said he had a wonderful plan, Invented by a bug-eyed one in his clan.

It was road apple green, if you know what I mean, A great deal he called it, come on man!!

But this pitiful creature was such a dumb ass, What he mistook for a window was a looking glass.

All his promised free-stuff election, would destroy our nation, If donkey’s socialist dreams ever would come to pass. 

-- Jim Darlington


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