Councilman suggests changes to Gillette’s proposed hate crime ordinance

Via the Wyoming News Exchange

GILLETTE (WNE)  — Amendments to the proposed hate crime ordinance have been put forth ahead of its third reading before the Gillette City Council, which is scheduled to take place Tuesday night.


The suggested changes were drafted with input from Councilman Jim West and may be considered by council members before being added to the proposed ordinance for its final reading Tuesday.


One of the suggested changes is adding age as a protected class.


Another amendment would add the phrase “against any person” throughout the ordinance so that it’s clear the ordinance covers malicious crimes against any person.


The amended ordinance reads that no one “shall intentionally incite or produce imminent lawless violence directed against any other person.” The words “intentionally” and “lawless” are new.


And a phrase that said a “person’s words, depictions, or conduct were intended and likely” to cause violence has been removed and replaced with language that covers those who are unsuccessful in their intentional “attempt to incite or produce imminent lawless violence” against any person.


The Gillette City Council will vote for a third and final time on the ordinance at its regular meeting, which starts at 6 p.m. Tuesday.


This story was published on June 1, 2023.


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