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Alexis Barker, News Editor

Notes from the Jan. 16, 2024, meeting of the Weston County Commissioners


• The board approved a resolution and the chairman’s signature on the final lease for the Weston County Landfill, owned and operated by the Weston County Solid Waste District. Commissioner Ed Wagoner, who is also chair of the WCSWD board, said that the lease is necessary because special districts are not allowed to borrow money.


• Weston County Attorney Michael Stulken continues to work with the board to ensure that an attorney will be present at meetings. It has been suggested that evening meetings might be necessary at times. Chairman Don Taylor said this solution would solve two problems, the lack of a county attorney at meetings and the inability of the public to attend meetings during the workday.


• The commission approved a motion that authorized the payment of jurors after a trial is complete to avoid a lengthy wait due to the payment approval process. The request came from District Court Clerk Tina Cote, who stated she had received complaints from jurors.


• Mike Myers discussed road maintenance in Osage. He was informed by Commissioner Nathan Todd that the county could not help with the issue and that the Central Weston County Improvement District was responsible for maintenance. Todd did offer to help Myers further outside of the meeting. 


• The board met with Sen. Cheri Steinmetz, R-Lingle, and Reps. Allen Slagle, R-Newcastle, and Chip Neiman, R-Hulett, to discuss the upcoming legislative session. The group discussed property tax reform, taxes in general, Title 25 and other issues facing the county. 


• The commission updated the travel policy to allow for the daily meal allowance when traveling to reflect the costs associated with the location of travel, instead of a flat rate. 


• Sheriff Bryan Colvard discussed the need for a change in who can pull recordings from courthouse security footage. He said that the need to limit who can do so falls in the chain of command in a legal situation. They also discussed increasing the number of licenses to view the camera footage in real time. 

• The board reappointed Kacy Keeler to the Weston County Historical Preservation Board.

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