The circle of power

Gillian Sears

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, county elected officials were sworn in to their positions. Three new county commissioners were among the ranks, chosen from a packed field of eight candidates on the ballot and one write-in. People obviously wanted change. What we got, however, was more of the same.

The one man who sat on the commission while the dispatch contract lay expired and ignored for eight years was selected as chairman. He is the only member of the board who has missed more meetings than Tony Barton. The newly selected chairman also missed the vast majority of budget meetings, which is the principal responsibility of the commission. He was sued for refusing to reveal his vote for the HD#2 placement, and yet to apologize for that disgraceful behavior. Yet he was nominated and voted in as chairman of the Weston County Board of Commissioners by Vera Huber, Nathan Todd and by his own vote.

Despite the voter turnout, despite a packed field of candidates, the powers that be circled the wagons and ignored the push for change once again. 


— Gillian Sears


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