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NLJ Staff

As the United States slowly returns to normal after mass closures and economic downturn sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have slowly watched it continue to crumble as violence and mayhem broke out at Black Lives Matter protests that have shook the nation. While we may find ourselves shaking our head as we watch these incidents unfold all over the internet, it is important to remember what we love about this country, especially as we prepare to celebrate its independence. 

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we embrace what living in America has allowed us to achieve and enjoy. It is important to recognize that despite what has become a country that is literally burning and crumbling around us, we are lucky to be here. 

Even more, here in Weston County we can be thankful that we live in a place that is a lot smaller, a lot safer and even quieter. Here in Wyoming we have been fortunate to not have to deal with destruction and stay at home orders. 

As we find ourselves getting outside, enjoying baseball, races, rodeos and the lake, and spending time with our friends and family, let’s remember why we live where we do and do our best to ensure that we continue to enjoy our middle of nowhere paradise. Let’s remember to practice our activities responsibly, respect our neighbors and the place that we live, embrace those who work hard every day to make sure our lives remain great, and to appreciate everything we enjoy here in the Midwest. 

We have the opportunity to continue to be an example for the nation. From the lack of COVID-19 cases that brought attention to issues in Weston County all the way in Washington, D.C., to the community coming together to make sure we all have a fireworks display to enjoy this 4th of July, we have a lot to be proud of here, a lot to celebrate. 

As we come together, while remembering to respect the space and beliefs of others when it comes to COVID-19, we have the ability to make sure that the summer of 2020 is better here than anywhere else. Let’s show them what Weston County and Wyoming are made of.


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