Casper to be home of Wyoming’s only abortion clinic

Via the Wyoming News Exchange

CASPER (WNE) — Wellspring Health Access in Casper will become the only abortion clinic in Wyoming after a Jackson clinic announced its closure. 


The Women’s Health and Family Care Clinic will be closing its doors due to high costs, Wellspring Heath Access announced in a statement Wednesday. 


The loss of the state’s only other provider will make it even more burdensome for patients who need medical care across the region, President Julie Burkhart said in the statement. 


“We’ve been the only procedural abortion clinic since opening April this year, but now we will have the added burden of being the only brick-and-mortar medication abortion provider in Wyoming, as well,” Burkhart said. 


Wellspring Health Access recognizes “the stakes of remaining open and accessible to the patients who need us,” she said. 


The clinic plans to continue providing reproductive health care for those across the Mountain West “while fighting to keep abortion legal” in Wyoming, she said. 


“We are so grateful to Dr. Giovannina Anthony and the team at Women’s Health and Family Care Clinic for their dedication to providing quality care, and for joining us in the legal fight against abortion bans in the state,” Burkhart said.


This story was published on November 18, 2023.


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