Bond set at $150,000 for Osage shooting suspect

Alexis Barker, NLJ News Editor

Paul Manders booking photo provided by Weston County Sheriff's Office.

Paul Manders has officially been charged with second degree murder following a shooting in Osage on July 27, 2021. The name of the victim has not yet been released. 

Bond was set at $150,000, cash or commercial surety bond, by Circuit Court Judge Mathew Castano following a brief initial hearing for Manders on July 29 in the Circuit Court for the 6th Judicial District.

A press release issued by the Weston County Sheriff's Office identified Paul Eugene Manders of Osage as the suspect, and indicated he is "approximately 58 years of age."

The state, represented by Weston County Attorney Alex Berger, requested a $100,000 cash only bond for several reasons, including the gravity of the offense and a belief that Manders is a potential flight risk.

“The allegations, if proven true, he killed another person with a firearm. He is dangerous. I would say that also waves in favor of significant cash bond,” Berger said. 

Prior to setting the bond, Castano asked Manders about his work and ability to pay such a bond. On multiple occasions during the initial hearing, however, Manders was reminded by the judge that he had the right to remain silent and to not speak about the incident itself. Castano counseled him that he should only answer the questions asked of him.  

“These are serious charges. I encourage you to not speak until you discuss it with council,” Castano said. 

Agreeing with the state’s assessment on the gravity of the offense, Castano set the bond at $150,000 cash or commercial surety bond. Other requirements of the bond include maintaining contact with a public defender, not committing other acts of threats or violence, no possession of firearms, components of or ammo and a no contact order with several individuals who witnessed or heard things surrounding the incident.

During the hearing, it was stated that Manders would not enter a plea at the time and the incident would need to be bound over to District Court. It is anticipated that a preliminary hearing should be scheduled sometime in the next 10 days. 

If convicted, Manders faces no less than 20 years in prison with a maximum sentence of life in prison.


(Ed. note: This story was updated to include the suspect's full name and reported age.)


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