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Don Thorson

To the Editor:

Liz Cheney calls the Republicans sick. Has she opened her blinders long enough to look at the Democrat leadership? I have always liked Dick and Liz, but she seems to have jumped the traces now. 

I am not a strong fan of Trump but the Jan. 6 issue is small potatoes compared to the riots of previous years. Trump made his mistakes, one of which was to have the rally, but the participants did the riot of their own free will. The capital assembly pales in comparison to the numerous riots, killing, and property destruction of previous years. 

Does any one think the country is in better condition now than when Trump was in? Trump had several successes in restoring our country from what we lost under Obama. Trump had a very competent cabinet compared to the complete incompetence of Biden’s. Trump had to fight the media, the House, the FBI and the deep state all the time. Biden and his son are leading us back towards dependence on China. 

There is little doubt that there were some problems with the election which may or may not have been significant, but Trump should have let it be because you cannot recreate past conditions. There are questions about whether Putin and Xi would be on the path they are now on had Trump been president, because they did not know what he would have done. Now they know that no one is in charge. 

Trump tried to get us on the path of restoring our industries because we continue buying cheaper goods which are manufactured at slave wages compared to ours. That is a path to destruction of our country, which has been built on self preservation. 

I hope that Trump does not run in ’24 because should he win he would have nothing but trouble facing his administration and we have several candidates who could do a better job.


— Don Thorson


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