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Heath A. Steel

To the Editor:

As the president of the Wyoming Association of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers (WAMHSAC), the executive vice president, and the chief business officer for VOA Northern Rockies (Volunteers of Ameria), we are deeply engaged in the ongoing conversation about mental health reform in our state. We acknowledge and appreciate the attention that Governor Mark Gordon brings to this critical issue, recognizing it as a vital subject in addressing the complex challenges we face in mental health care. 


The roadmap’s key pillars — access to mental health care, quality of care, innovation, and notably, suicide prevention and anti-stigma efforts — resonate with our core mission. These pillars underscore the areas that are crucial for the development and support of a robust mental health care system. We are particularly encouraged by the spotlight on suicide prevention and the efforts to dismantle stigma, recognizing these as vital components in creating a supportive and understanding environment for individuals battling mental health issues. 


The implementation of the 988 hotline initiative marks a significant advancement in providing immediate assistance to individuals in crisis. This initiative, along with the focus on enhancing suicide prevention strategies, represents the actionable and focused efforts that are essential in reforming mental health care. Such resources are invaluable lifelines for our community, offering hope and support in times of dire need. 


The recent town halls hosted by Governor Gordon throughout Wyoming served as a powerful reminder of the multi-faceted nature of mental health challenges. The discussions there — from the judiciary’s encounters with mental health issues within the legal system to the heartfelt stories shared by residents and professionals — painted a vivid picture of the pervasive impact of mental health across all of society. These narratives underscore the importance of an inclusive approach to mental health reform, one that considers the diverse experiences and unique challenges faced by individuals in our community. 


Recognizing these needs is only the beginning. True progress in mental health reform demands a collaborative and comprehensive approach. It requires sustained investment to ensure the availability of beds for those in crisis and a resolute commitment to excellence in service. It necessitates addressing the workforce challenges head-on, fighting for rates that support professional staffing, and acknowledging the critical role these professionals play in delivering quality mental health care. 


At VOA Northern Rockies, our dedication to serving those in need and advocating for effective, compassionate mental health care is unwavering. We are steadfast in our commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering a community that supports mental wellness for all. We welcome the increased attention on mental health issues, seeing it as a critical step towards meaningful reform. 


We urge all involved — legislators, healthcare professionals, community leaders, and citizens — to continue this crucial conversation and work towards a stronger mental health system. 


Together, we can strive for a future where comprehensive mental health care is a reality for all. It is only through continued collaboration, understanding, and commitment that we can develop and implement solutions that are truly effective and responsive to the needs of every Wyoming resident. 


We stand ready to engage in this important work and encourage all those involved to maintain this momentum. Together, let’s continue this crucial conversation, striving towards a future where comprehensive, compassionate, and effective mental health care is not just an aspiration but a reality for every resident of Wyoming. 


 — Heath A. Steel




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