AARP COVID dashboard shows improvement In Wyoming’s nursing homes

Via the Wyoming News Exchange

SHERIDAN (WNE) —The latest edition of the AARP COVID-19 dashboard showed substantial improvement in staff and resident cases of COVID-19 inside the state’s nursing homes over the four week period ending Dec. 18, 2022.

Wyoming’s nursing home COVID-19 resident ratio for that period was 7.27 cases per 100 residents, which is the eighth highest in the nation and up from November’s rate of 6.7 cases per 100 residents. 

Wyoming’s nursing home staff case rate was just over the national average at 4.8 confirmed cases per 100 residents. That led to 51% of Wyoming nursing homes self-reporting staff shortages.

The good news is Wyoming’s rate of nursing home resident deaths due to COVID-19 dropped to .05 per 100 residents, placing Wyoming 11th in the nation and well under the national average of .10 deaths per 100 residents. 

That is a big change from the November stats, which listed Wyoming as having the highest number of nursing home resident deaths attributed to COVID-19 with .33 deaths per 100 residents or six deaths total among nursing home residents. 

Wyoming wasn’t alone in seeing its COVID-19 rates increase. Going into winter, COVID-19 cases and deaths across the nation rose for the second consecutive month, while vaccination rates remain stalled. 

As of mid-December, more than three months since the shots became available, fewer than half of nursing home residents (47%) and less than one-quarter of health care staff (22%) were up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations.

Wyoming’s nursing home residents are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines at a rate higher (60.8%) than the national average of 47.5%. Wyoming nursing home staff is vaccinated at a rate of 23.1%.


This story was published on Jan. 21, 2023.


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