01.13.22 Public Notice

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Civil Action No. 2071

DAN E. PALMGREN, Plaintiff

DANA D. ALBERT, Defendant


Partition sale notice


WHEREAS, upon Order of the Court in the action captioned above, dated December 6th, 2021, Daniel E. Palmgren, a single man, and Dana D. Albert, a single woman, as joint tenants with rights of survivorship are owners of certain real property located in Weston County, Wyoming; and

WHEREAS, the parties above have been granted partition according to Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 1-32-101 et seq. and now, according to the procedures laid out therein, give notice that a sale is to occur; 

WHEREAS, written notice of partition sale has been served upon the record owners above, the reasonably ascertainable creditors, and the party in possession of the premises at least ten (10) days prior to the commencement of this publication, and the appraisal returned by the Commissioners duly appointed was $185,940.00, plus all costs and expenses accrued in the course of selling the property; and,

WHEREAS, the property being foreclosed upon may be subject to other liens and encumbrances that will not be extinguished at the sale and any prospective purchaser should research the status of title before submitting a bid;

WHEREAS, if the sale is set aside for any reason, the Purchaser at the sale shall be entitled only to a return of his/her/its money paid. Purchaser shall have no further recourse against the parties, their agents, Sheriff, any Mortgagees, or their attorneys;

NOW, THEREFORE the parties will have sale as provided by law by having the property sold  at public venue by the Sheriff in and for Weston County, Wyoming to the highest bidder for cash at 10:00 o’clock in the forenoon on January 18, 2022, in the lobby of the Weston County Courthouse located at 1 West Main Street, Newcastle, Wyoming 82701 for application on the above described amount, or as provided by law, said property being described as follows, to-wit:

Lots 30, 31 and 32, Block 2 of Park Hill Addition, Weston County, Wyoming, according to the official Plat thereof. With an address of 810 Holly Avenue, Upton, WY 82730 (the undersigned disclaims liability for any error in the address). 

Together with all improvements thereon situate and all fixtures and appurtenances thereto. 

The parties shall have the right to rescind the sale during the redemption period. In the event that the sale is rescinded or vacated for any reason, the successful purchaser shall only be entitled to a refund of their purchase price and/or statutory interest rate.

DATED December 8, 2021.


Mike D. Fuller, WSBA 5-2295

Fuller Law Office, P.C.

1401 W. 2nd St. Ste. 2

Gillette, WY 82716



(Publish December 23 and 30, 2021 and January 6 and 13, 2022)


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