Photos courtesy of Weston County Historical Society

Dennis Dixon shakes hands with his son Dwight after receiving the “Champion” trophy for his livestock, above, in this historic photo from the Weston County Fair.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” For as long as most people can remember, the Weston County community has been coming together every August at the Weston County Fairgrounds to celebrate the county fair.  What most people might not...

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Skull Creek Studio

Allison Farella, new school nurse in Newcastle, was recently honored in the Rapid City Journal’s 2022 Nurses Contest, receiving the People’s Choice Award.  Pictured is Allison’s family, from left: Camryn, Chuck, Allison and Carter.

Allison Farella just always knew she wanted to be a nurse. With a desire to help people and a natural caring personality, it only seemed natural. Now, after being a nurse for over a decade, she was recently honored for excellence in her field.  Farella is a registered nurse, and she recently...
"Our goal is for the kids to experience 'hands-on' outdoor education," Camp director Crystal Kellebrew said. Working for. the Campbell County Conservation District Kellebrew heads the Black Hills Natural Resources Youth Camp, June 8 to 10. She said that most of the students come fro Campbell and...
RPM Days kicked off with Sprint Car Races at the Newcastle Speedway on Friday. This was the first time sprint cars were a part of RPM Days. 

Photo by Alexis Barker/NLJ

Seventh-grader Dagan Thompson attempts to artificially inseminate a prosthetic animal while Ty Miller times his attempt. Vincent Stanton and Coen Tavegie watch on in preparation for their turn. Miller, who spoke about his career and breeding animals, was one of eight presenters during the Men in STEM day at Newcastle Middle School on May 11.

Alexis Barker NLJ News Editor   When you want to snag the interest of young men, it is always a good idea to start with the sort of things that interest young men.  Earlier this month, Newcastle Middle School partnered with professionals across the community to use things that appeal to young men...

Photo by Kim Dean/NLJ

Sylte smiles and visits with Christie Wornkey and her other guests at her 90th birthday party on April 23.

KateLynn Slaamot NLJ Reporter   One of the best gifts in life is family, but few of us live long enough to see several generations of our family be born, grow up and have families of their own.  Joyce Sylte, who just celebrated her 90th birthday at a party on April 23, is one of those fortunate...

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Henry (Hank) Vickers, pictured with his wife of 45 years, Alice. Vickers, a local veteran, recently passed away on March 27 of this year, leaving behind a life full of memories of his time in and out of the service. 

KateLynn Slaamot NLJ Reporter   Like most veterans, Henry (Hank) Vickers, led an extraordinary life of service, both in and out of the military. Hank died on March 27 of this year, but the memory of his service lives on.  Hank was born in a small town in the heart of Minnesota, near the city of...
  On May 12, families, friends, and neighbors packed the Crouch Auditorium to watch the 17th annual Newcastle Elementary School Talent Show. The show featured music, jokes and dancing. Fifth-graders Bella Bond and Chevy Bryan perform the song “Cups” with four of their friends. The song, made famous...

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Jennifer Bohn, recently promoted to assistant warden at the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp, is excited to help keep the community safe and also rehabilitate offenders. Bohn has been working at the honor camp for 15 years. 

KateLynn Slaamot NLJ Reporter   Jennifer Bohn didn’t always plan to go into corrections, but some things just work out the way they’re supposed to. Bohn has now been working for the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp for 15 years and was recently promoted to assistant warden at the camp, effective...

Photo by Avery Chick/NLJ

Toby Johnson, a senior at Newcastle High School, looks over his data that he submitted for his WyTeach Award.

Avery Chick NLJ Intern   Toby Johnson, a senior at Newcastle High School, has a reputation for being among the most talented students in the entire state in the realm of science. That talent is why he was recently given the WyTeach Award — and it would seem to be the perfect fit for Johnson, whose...

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