Your cereal may have some killer ingredients


Dear Editor,

This is a quick note about breakfast cereals yo may be eating— Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Burst and possibly some others.

“Trisodium Phosphate” is the ingredient to look for. This stuff is poison and should not be consumed. Also called TSP, it is listed as a heavy duty cleaner to use before painting. This can cause burns, irritation, blurred vision and stomach irritation. It is also used as a de-greaser. The CDC says no one should have contact with it.

Maybe consumers should call Mr. Enzi, Mr. Barraso and Liz Cheney and have them put a stop to all of this.

I  understand these cereals are made by General Mills.

Go to YouTube and check this out. Lets protect our children and families.

—Ed Kiesling


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