Young widow turns tragedy into transformation


By Jen Kocher


There was a time in her life when Jennifer Lipp could barely drag herself out of bed. Typically a hard-driven whirlwind of energy, back then it took every ounce of energy to function. Subsisting on a diet of chocolate and sugar, she had little energy at night to actively play with her two young daughters. Instead, she smiled tiredly from the couch and struggled to keep her eyes open.

At age 32, life had already thrown this young mother some pretty devastating blows. First, the stillborn death of her son Will at 39 weeks, one week prior to her due date. The cruel postpartum depression followed, and without the joyful distraction of a needy infant, it hit her like a ton of bricks. Back then, she’d had the support of her husband Sam, who stood by her side. She holed up at home alone, pouring over books and blog posts in an attempt to make sense of it all, until finally Sam eased her back into life by reminding her of the importance to go on living.

That time she could rely on Sam.

Now, she had to find a way to figure it out on her own.


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