WYDOT Engineer ready to retire


After serving 21 years as the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Resident Engineer for Newcastle, Joni Kachelhoffer is retiring as of July 3.

“I promised my kids in 1996 that we would stay for 10 years. That sounded like a long time but here we are 21 years later,” recalled Kachelhoffer. She started as the resident engineer in Newcastle at that time with three young children, and promised that they would stay here long enough for each of them to graduate high school. That happened more than a decade ago, when the last of her children walked across the stage at Crouch Auditorium in 2006.

According to Kachelhoffer, the interesting job and excellent people she got to work with helped keep her in Newcastle longer than originally planned, and she shared that these are also the things she will miss once she leaves the job.


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