We’re still waiting for it to trickle down


Dear Editor,

It’s no surprise to read that politicians are in it for the money. Most of us do what we do for the money. 

The problem is that it’s our money the ‘pols’ want and get. They buy lots of unneeded, expensive things for the military.  The military contractors then reward our politicians  with very handsome”kick-backs.”  

These are the same politicians who claimed, during their campaigns, to be “conservative.”  The citizens began to scratch their heads and wonder what “conservative” means. 

The national debt keeps going up but the civilians standard of living goes down! Corporate executive “take-home pay” keeps going up, but the populations’ paycheck doesn’t go as far as it used to! The diligent worker keeps grinding away for his full shifts and then some, while the banker and the stock broker are racing their yachts across the Mediterranean.  

Is it any wonder that the skilled, diligent worker thinks that our political system sucks? Could anyone blame that worker if he decided to change that arrangement?

He or she knows they can trust neither the Democrat nor the Republican candidate because they are politicians.  So, in their blind rage, they support and vote for a “non” politician, a TV actor!  Before you know it— more accurately, before the first year is up— this TV actor manages to engineer a giant tax cut for the banker, broker and a couple of aerospace CEO’s.  

For the rest of us, not so much.  

A few Presidents ago we were promised a “trickle down” benefit from cutting taxes on the very rich.  The very rich got their part. The “benefit” part didn’t happen. We were disappointed. The politicians had lied to us.  

Another time they told us that NAFTA would be a good thing. We were disappointed. Jobs and whole factories disappeared. Another lie that seemed to benefit the capitalists and their politicians, but not the people who vote!

These events and a whole host of other similar events led us to believe that our elected  representatives do not much care for us or what we want. That hurt our feeling enough to make us feel that politicians considered us to be like sheep to be lead to slaughter.  

Politicians can not be trusted. We will never vote for a politician again! The Gods must have been listening!  They sent us “Not a Politician!” He will make everything better. He will “Make America Great Again!” He said so! “Believe me,” he said!  

Question: How many lessons does it take to make the electorate see the light…and remember it?

—Jerry Baird


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