We were doomed by our own laziness


Dear Editor,

The TV media, like other capitalist enterprises, is entirely self-serving.

Some believe that the media’s proselytizing is the gospel truth! In fact, the TV media is out to collect consumer eyeballs and sell them to other capitalists. (Anything to make a buck.) Sorting political fact from fiction is left to the viewer. The viewer doesn’t stand a chance of making up his own mind.

Politicians and other show-business types are experts at convincing you to believe whatever they are promoting.

This is more true about politics than products. With politics the stakes are considerably higher.

Those politicians who eschew hucksterism, believe in and promise fair and competent governing seldom win a place at the table. Most of the time, honest campaigning is not sexy or promising, therefore seldom used.

While it is tempting, for these reasons, to censure and condemn most or many successful politicians, the real problem lies with the electorate.

We did not take up the responsibility of thinking and selecting better candidates or better policy.

It is certainly difficult if not impossible to admit that our own laziness has doomed us to inferior or probably catastrophic governance.

—Jerry Baird


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