We need open minds to find truth and honesty


Dear Editor,

Fair and Balanced?

What ever happened to the truth and honesty?

Some news channels are not interested in truth. Whatever titillates is more their style. To arrive at some semblance of reality you need three things— an open mind, an openly opinionated columnist or reporter, and a newspaper editor willing to put up with the associated flack.

Of the three, an “open mind” is the hardest to find or develop. In self defense, the mind naturally seeks affirmation of what it already contains. It tends to reject the contrary without much contemplation.

Even overwhelming contrary evidence is often disregarded! Hence the saying, “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up!”

We are entering an era where that sort of thinking is highly detrimental to our continued well-being.  We may be far from the oceans, but they are critical to our well being. They are full of civilization’s waste and have islands of plastic trash, but are soon to be devoid of fish. The air we breathe— our atmosphere— has been contaminated with the residue of our wages and profits.

There may have been reasons for this contamination, but no excuse to continue it. Everything affects everything else. Change is inevitable. Resistance is futile and exhausting. Put away your selfish tendencies and work to make mankind and the world it inhabits as good as it can be.

—Jerry Baird


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